Pilot Freight Services tracking

Pilot Freight Services tracking


The United-States are one of the most developed countries with the most employment opportunities in the world. Every year, millions of people travel to this country to establish their products and services there and take their brands to other levels. 
However, these new companies that are constantly arriving or being established from time to time in the country also require other logistics service companies to be able to carry out their operations satisfactorily. 
In this sense, Pilot Freight presents itself as one of the best options in logistics and transportation solutions in the United-States and North America in general. Pilot Freight Services has been supporting thousands of companies nationally and internationally for many years.

Pilot Freight Services package tracking

What is Pilot Freight Services?

Pilot Freight Services is a large logistics, warehousing, transportation, e-commerce, and other services company. Established in more than 180 countries, Pilot has global transportation capabilities in more than 70 locations in North America, Europe, as well as the Netherlands and Spain. 
It also has a worldwide network of overseas partners that provide global coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Pilot Freight Services can not only deliver freight, parcels, and mail everywhere but also provide a customized experience that allows the business to operate at its best. 
Pilot has state-of-the-art transportation services, as well as the best standards in warehousing space, strong vendor relationships, and modern IT systems. In this way, the company has been able to market faster than other companies, giving it more flexibility and better control over each service.

How do I track my Pilot Freight?

Pilot Freight Services tracking is the tool that allows you to track all packages leaving any Pilot office. After all, each package has its own Pilot Freight tracking number that allows recognizing it from the others and thus allows the tracking to be secure and reliable.
To perform the tracking you just have to enter the official website of the site and select the Pilot Freight tracking section. In the search field shown below, type the tracking number and select all the necessary data to make the search as accurate as possible. 
Subsequently, the location and status of the package will be displayed. In case it has been delivered, it will show whether it was picked up from an office or delivered to someone's hand. After all, the system keeps the information for up to 15 days after delivery.

Is Pilot Freight delivery fast?

Yes, compared to the other U.S. and North American service companies, Pilot is one of the fastest to deliver. It may take a little longer for international shipments, but it is still faster than others.
On the official website, in addition to Pilot Freight tracking, you can also request a delivery estimate. This means that you could send a package and have that package delivered on a date determined by you.

Does Pilot Freight deliver on Saturdays?

As stated by Pilot Freight customer service, the company does not deliver on Saturdays or weekends. However, there are exceptions with respect to the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, which may receive deliveries on Saturdays.
On the other hand, website services such as Pilot Freight tracking are available at all times. The only thing that is not kept operating 24/7 is the delivery services. These are carried out from Monday to Friday.

How late does Pilot Freight deliver?

As mentioned above, Pilot Freight delivery times can vary from a number of factors. However, some interesting facts regarding package delivery times can be found on the website.
Packages that are shipped within the U.S. domestic territory are delivered in 1–2-day periods.
While the delivery time for international packages can vary between 5-20 business days. 
With Pilot Freight Services tracking you can also get an estimate of how long it takes for a package to reach its destination. It really is a very versatile tool that has many different uses.

Are Pilot Freight Services prices expensive?

Pilot stays competitive by trying to maintain good prices that do not drive it out of the market. Its large clientele of large, medium, and small companies has proven that it maintains prices within the accepted range, besides maintaining a good relationship between quality of service and prices. 
Likewise, all service prices may vary from different factors. So it is important to check Pilot Freight customer service and not be fooled by any false information that may be out there.

Where does Pilot Freight deliver?

Pilot provides its global transportation services in more than 190 countries. Their partnerships with other companies overseas have allowed them to achieve a wide enough reach while maintaining the same flexibility and assurance they possess. 
Both domestic and international capabilities integrate Pilot's team in such a way that they form a fairly solid system capable of offering closed-loop solutions that guarantee the entire transportation service. Among the countries, Pilot reaches are Spain, Holland, Mexico, Canada, and many more. 
On Pilot official website you can find all the destinations to which the company can deliver. After all, there are more than 190 countries that have the privilege of having Pilot services, either through an agreement with another company or through another branch of the same company.

How can I contact Pilot Freight customer service?

Pilot Freight customer service is available to the general public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Throughout the year, the customer service team is motivated to provide professional and courteous support to anyone in need of shipping. 
Individuals can even call 1 800 HI PILOT (44 74568) and request a Pilot Freight Services tracking, in case the system on the website is down or not working properly.
In the Contact section of the website, there is also a form, which the client can fill out and request any information he/she wishes. Similarly, you can use the same to formalize any complaint or claim. In this case, Pilot contacts the customer to provide a solution in the shortest possible time and ensure customer satisfaction.

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