Pickupp tracking

Pickupp tracking


Asia is the continent with the largest number of companies offering logistics and transportation services. In this case, we bring you information about Pickupp, a company that comes from Hong Kong and is growing significantly.
Although it is a relatively small company, its B2C and C2C logistics services are among the best in the Asian market. This is why services like Pickupp Singapore and other branches in other countries are so important.

Pickupp package tracking

What is Pickupp?

As mentioned earlier, Pickupp is a very young company as it was founded in 2016. The company was founded in Hong Kong but headquartered in Singapore and offers B2C and C2C transportation and logistics services. Because it is a Hong Kong-based company it has been able to grow rapidly in such a short time.
Branches like Pickupp Singapore and other countries benefit from the operational and financial growth that the brand is experiencing. Unlike the competition, Pickupp strives to innovate in its services.
Its delivery prices are among the lowest in the market and its customer service is highly valued by users. It currently has hundreds of offices and thousands of employees in China and other Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
On the other hand, the company has a very diverse transportation chain. In addition to trucks, cars, and motorcycles for deliveries, Pickupp can deliver packages of different sizes and shapes.
This kind of transportation network is ideal for branches such as Pickupp Singapore, due to the highly congested traffic and hard-to-reach destinations. One of Pickupp main attributes is to use an advanced technology infrastructure that optimizes delivery operations.
It also offers customized bulk and ad-hoc delivery services, where customers can benefit from last-mile Pickupp delivery. The brand also makes an effort to offer the best customer service possible.
By now, with Pickupp delivery millions of users in Asia can receive products from thousands of major retailers and brands from different market industries. With Pickupp services, customers can save up to 25% on shipping costs, which is significant compared to similar companies.
Millions of users in Asia can register on the virtual platform and for the first time test some Pickupp delivery services for free. It is an efficient way to attract customers and verify whether the services meet the needs of the majority of your customers.

How do I track my parcel from Pickupp?

Customers can use the Pickupp tracking service through two alternatives. With the first, users can use the website's virtual tool. All they have to do is enter the tracking number and the virtual platform returns all the corresponding information on the packages.
The second alternative Pickupp tracking service can be arranged through customer service. Users can call Pickupp phone number and inquire about package delivery information. However, with this alternative, the inquiry may be a little slower.
On the other hand, it is important to mention that the Pickupp tracking number is sent by e-mail and text message notifications after the user completes all the procedures corresponding to the payment of the service contract.
In case of loss, users can recover the Pickupp tracking number with customer service. They need the purchase order and invoice to retrieve the tracking number.
The Pickupp tracking system is available 24 hours a day, every day. Customers get real-time information through GPS functions. Customers can even get images when the package arrives at a specific distribution office.

How long does it take for Pickupp to deliver?

The Pickupp parcel delivery time is very fast. Customers can receive their parcels through 3 services.

  • With the first service, the company can deliver within 24 to 72 hours.
  • With the second service, the company can deliver in less than 24 hours, between 8 am and 10 pm.
  • The third alternative is to make deliveries in less than 4 hours. Customers can receive their packages directly at the address of their choice or they can pick up the package at the nearest office.
    However, this service is only available for short deliveries that do not exceed 8 kilometers in distance. For this type of service, the Pickupp online tracking option is not available.

Is Pickupp delivery expensive?

Pickupp services are very economical compared to other similar companies.
For domestic deliveries in China, the approximate shipping cost is $2.00, including remote and rural regions.
To international destinations such as Singapore or Malaysia, the average shipping cost is $3.00. However, it is important to mention that shipping costs may increase depending on the weight of the package, the type of delivery service, and the destination.
Customers can obtain additional information on shipping costs through the Pickupp contact number of the customer service, which is available daily.

Does Pickupp only deliver in Singapore?

As a Hong Kong-based company, Pickupp can deliver throughout China, including to remote and rural regions. However, the company does not have the operational infrastructure to make complex deliveries to other countries.
For now, the company can only deliver to 4 international destinations including Singapore or Malaysia. Customers can check this information with customer service by calling the Pickupp contact number.
One of the company's plans for the future is to diversify its transportation chain and have its infrastructure without depending on other companies.

How do I contact Pickupp customer service?

On the official website (https://sg.pickupp.io/en/), users have access to Pickupp contact number (+65-6911-6938) and a virtual chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also have access to the company's e-mail address (sg@pickupp.io).
Customers can process different types of requests, such as claims, suggestions, or cancellations. As mentioned above, if necessary, customers can also use the customer service to retrieve the Pickupp tracking number or track packages directly.
Pickupp website has a FAQ section where you can access answers to the most common and important questions from users. Pickupp is a very young company but it has a great future ahead of it. For now, the company is still growing, but its services are as efficient as the services of the best brands.

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