Palestine Post tracking

Is Palestine Post reliable?

This company is the one in charge of the postal service in the Palestine State, offering Palestinians all their services, sending and receiving mails and packages. They count on a reliable delivery time and their Palestine Post tracking service that will allow you to know all the information about your packages at any moment.
Palestine Post is a company with a huge history behind it, serving Palestinians since 1930. It has become one of the most important ways of communicating with people in this country overall for all the things that have happened in this place, which has caused the displacement of its people in other countries.
This company was hugely affected by the 1967 war like many other sectors of labor in the country, which were forced to freeze their services because of the strict control in the mail and parcel services, especially with those coming from other countries.
They returned to work in 1995 after the Oslo treaty helped them to promote their services nationwide. In 2008, this company signed an agreement with the Israelis at the Geneva Conference, so they can get direct postal exchanges.
Since then, they have become a reliable company, which offers their services to anyone who wants to send mail or packages inside the country or abroad. However, this service sometimes can be delayed for internal issues in the country.

How do I track a Palestine Post parcel?

Palestine Post tracking service is useful to know where your mail or parcels are at any moment. To get information about the package you send to a friend or relative inside the country or abroad, you will need the Palestine Post tracking number. Once you have the tracking number, type it on the company’s official website or in the tracking bar here on our platform, and proceed to click the blue button on the right side.
When you finish doing that, it will display all the information about your mail or packages on your screen, letting you know everything related to it like where it is at any moment and how much time it will last to arrive at their destination. This great system talks about the reliability of this company that will always get your packages in pristine conditions.

How do I send a package with Palestine Post?

To send a package with this company you just need to take your mail or parcel to one of their local post offices. They will provide you all the information, prices and how much time it will take to arrive at its destination.
Many people think that it is the same process as receiving mails and parcels in Palestine because this is slightly different. When you want to get a parcel in Palestine, it must first travel to Israel because Palestine is not a state yet. So, after they arrive in Israel they will send it eventually to Palestine but it will take some time. It would be great if you add to your address a number phone if you are expecting a mail or a package because in Palestine the houses and buildings do not count on numbers so it can be difficult to reach you.

Where does Palestine Post can deliver?

Palestine Post delivery can reach every part of the national territory of Palestine and over 220 countries around the world. Therefore, if you are looking to send a mail or package domestically or internationally, you can count on them.
They count on a great staff that will provide you the best service any time, getting your packages in perfect conditions.

Is Palestine Post fast?

Yes, Palestine Post shipping time is fast. If you are sending mail or packages inside the State, you can expect them to arrive on the next working day. Sometimes they can even arrive on the same day you have sent them. They are always getting the packages in the time they promise to avoid any inconveniences.
If you want to send mail or parcels abroad, you can also count on them as they are part of the international postal union:

  • If you would love to send packages to any country in the African or Asian continent, it will take at least a week to arrive in perfect conditions.
  • To get packages in Europe or Oceania, they will last between 2 and 3 weeks to arrive.
  • Sending packages to North America, Central America, and South America are the ones, which take more time, usually arriving even a month after.

Contracting their EMS service, you can reduce the wait on your packages and get your Palestine Post parcel in less time.

What are Palestine Post shipping fees?

Palestine Post shipping fees will vary depending on many factors being the main distance that the package must travel to arrive at any other location inside Palestine or abroad.
If you want to send a letter in the national territory with a weight under 50 grams, they will charge you 2.50 NIS, which is something like $0.73, which makes it affordable for the population. However, if you want to send a package of 1kg, they will charge you 13.90 NIS or $4.07.
The prices for international shipping are higher. If you want to send a letter with a weight under 50 grams to any country in Europe with their standard delivery service, they will charge you 7.40 NIS or $2.17. If you want to send a package of 1kg instead, they will charge you 29.30 NIS or $8.60.

How do I contact Palestine Post?

Sometimes you can have some questions about how the sending and receiving process works, or you have some specific problem with your mail or parcel. If that is happening to you, you can always use the Palestine Post contact http://www.palpost.ps/ on their official website.
Their agents will surely find a solution to any of your issues and will offer you personalized customer service so you will not have to worry about your mail and parcels when they are in their hands.

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