Orange Connex tracking

Orange Connex tracking

Orange Connex (China) Limited is a technology firm focused on the worldwide e-commerce market. We provide services in the logistic, finance, and big data areas of the global eCommerce industry through market analysis, system development, and resource integration.

What is Orange Connex?

Orange Connex tracking is a technology company engaged in global eCommerce services from China. Thanks to their extensive market analysis, systems development, and innovative technology, they can provide logistics and financial services within the country, with first-rate efficiency.

Currently, in China, they are known to be a leader in the private industry, in the investment market, and a pioneer in global eCommerce. Because, this company offers amazing logistics solutions, and its services are labelled as fast, stable, and cheap. But make no mistake, Orange Connex also offers good sustainability to their commercial clients.

What does Orange Connex sell?

Orange Connex tracking company offers direct mail services, which cover more than 51 countries and regions around the world. In other words, they can deliver in the United States, Australia, and France. But they also span up their Orange Connex products to 26 provinces and 185 cities within China.

While the speed freight service is a perfect shipping system for merchants. This service has departed from Shanghai, and it arrives in the United States in a fast way. Finally, OC also has financial Orange Connex products, such as special credits for e-Commerce sellers. So, they give financing with no borders, and that can be used inside and outside this Asian country.

What areas are served by Orange Connex?

As we mentioned, the direct mail service covers at least 51 countries around the world. These include the United States, Canada, France, Australia, France, Spain, Israel, and many more like the Orange Connex Germany. And of course, they also cover 185 cities in China, in 26 different provinces, in addition to 14 stations in Hong Kong.

On the other hand, the speed-free service has an exclusive arrival in the western ports of the United States, and they set sail directly from Shanghai. But remember these Orange Connex products are exclusive for e-commerce sellers since it is dedicated to the transport of heavy loads, by sea without any exception.

What is SpeedPAK?

SpeedPAK is the direct mail and parcel service managed by Orange Connex Germany. And as you may have read before, it includes a huge number of countries around the world. In addition, they have various centres and offices within China offering this service. However, the biggest feature is its fast delivery time, which provides many facilities for the customers.

How do I track my SpeedPAK?

You can access your Orange Connex tracking details at any time of the day, from the company's official website. You just have to select the option "Tracking" in the upper right corner. Soon a search bar will appear with the name Shipment Tracking.

In this bar, you can place the Orange Connex tracking number, which should have been provided by the company or the seller of your package. You can place up to 20 tracking numbers at the same time, and in a few seconds the location information will appear, and everything you are looking for regarding your package.

How long does SpeedPAK take to deliver?

First, SpeedPAK's inexpensive service typically takes 10-15 business days, depending on the destination of the package, with the Orange Connex Germany service. While speed freight service usually takes 22 to 50 calendar days to reach port, depending on many factors.

So you may realize all the services of this company have their delivery estimates, but sure is nothing you should worry about. Thanks to the enormous technology and systems this company manages, you will always be sure of the location of your package. In other words, you can track it wherever you are.

Are Orange Connex services prices expensive?

Orange Connex shipping costs are varied since they depend on the service you have purchased. In this way, fast shipments within China tend to have lower prices and are quite accessible, to the community in general. While the prices for shipments outside the country are a little more expensive, depending on the final destination.

On the other hand, the speed freight service may be the most expensive, since it is exclusive for e-commerce sellers to move heavy goods. Finally, to all these costs you must add other fees, such as taxes, customs payments, among others. Since these numbers are not handled by the company.

How do I contact SpeedPAK?

Have not found what you are looking for here? Another good option to find information about Orange Connex or SpeedPAK is by contacting their customer service. And doing this is quite simple, if you are in China and have purchased the SpeedPak service, you can call the Orange Connex phone number below:

  • 400 126 0008/86 21 60662670 (China mainland)
  • Orange Connex phone number: 852 30183458 (HKSAR)

You can also send an email to While speed freight services have a customer service that you can contact with the following phone number:

  • 86 21 32107646
  • 86 21 32107713 (China mainland)

Likewise, you can send an email to, for more information.

Finally, you can also access the help centre on the company's official website. There, you may find the question you want to solve or obtain the information you have not found so far. But you can be sure Orange Connex's contact is always open to answering your questions.

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