Oman Post tracking

What is Oman Post?

Oman Post is the company in charge of the postal service in Oman, a country located in Asia. This company has been offering these kinds of services to everyone in the national territory since many years ago. They are known for delivering mails and parcels in time, no matter the place where they have to take them. They also count on their great Oman Post tracking service that will let you know where your package is at any moment.
They are now associated with the government of the country, this has helped them to grow as a company and to offer a better service. However, they also have a part of the company, which is still private. With a lot of offices in the wide nation, they have become a reliable postal company to send your mails and parcels anywhere in the world.

How can I track my post in Oman?

If you want to track a mail or parcel sent with this company, you will need to have an Oman Post tracking number. This number will be provided to you when you make an order. Once you have that number you will only need to type it in the official site’s tracking section or here on the Ship24 website, you just need to go to the tracking bar and do it. Then click the blue arrow on the right side and it will show you all the available information about your mail or parcel in no time.
The Oman Post international tracking service is great because no matter where your package goes, you will always know where it is. Every time your package arrives at any postal service house, they will scan it to get the information updated for you to check. You will not have to worry about the packages as they always arrive at their destination in pristine conditions. This service will also tell you how much time the package will take to arrive at your door or local postal house for you to pick it.

Does Oman Post deliver Internationally?

Oman Post delivery service is amazing, they work locally and internationally to satisfy its customers. Locally they will deliver any mail or parcel to all the national territory and internationally, your parcel will arrive at any country in the world.
They count on many international shipping services. One of them is the parcel service that will let you send packages from 2kg to 30kg anywhere in the world with the best price in the market. This service also offers counter-to-counter delivery and the functional Oman Post tracking service to know every detail of your parcels.

The other service they offer is the express mail service, which will let you send any mail or parcel across the world. The delivery with this service will last less and will allow you to send packages until 30kg.
Exclusive international shipping service from this company is the IPEX service that will let you send all your mails and packages abroad, the packages will arrive at their destinations in a brief time in some cases even just 72 hours.

How long does it take to Oman Post to deliver?

Oman Post delivery time will vary depending on the service contract and the distance that the mail or package must travel to arrive at their destination.
Locally their packages will arrive in the next 24 hours if you send the mail or package on a business day, if not they will arrive at the next one. It also depends on time and transportation availability.
International shipping service will last depending very much on the service you contract:

  • The parcel service will last at least 1 week to deliver packages in countries inside Asia.
  • 2 weeks for Oceania, Africa, and European countries.
  • 3 weeks to arrive in America.

However, if you contract the EMS shipping service, the time will be cut in half but the prices may be higher, this is convenient if you need some mails or parcels in a hurry. If you need to get a parcel in another country and you have no time, you can always use the IPEX service, the packages will arrive in 24-48 hours to all the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and from 48 to 72 hours to any country that does not form part of this council.

What are Oman Post shipping prices?

The prices will vary very much depending on the contracted service. To know exactly how much money you will pay, you can always visit their official website where they count with a calculator. The prices will depend on the city and the weight of the packages for domestic shipping. For example, to send one parcel of 1kg, they will charge you 1.5 OMR that is something like $3.88 USD.
Sending packages abroad will cost you more money and will depend on the service contracted. If you want to send a package to a European country, for example, their normal parcel service for a 1kg parcel will cost you 8,5 OMR or $22 USD. If you will pay their EMS service, they will charge you 15 OMR or $38.84 USD so you can get your package faster. Their IPEX service offers you a quick delivery as well for less money as they will only charge you 9,6 OMR that is approximately $25 USD.

How can I contact Oman Post?

If you are presenting any problem with a mail or a package, you can always use the Oman Post contact number +968 24170444 working 24/24 hours, 7 days a week. They will help you with their personalized customer service with solutions for all your inquiries.
You can also contact them through their email customers@omanpost.om where their dedicated personnel will attend your necessities. Commonly, they only last a day to answer the requests, offering their clients the best customer service experience. This is why this company has become a reliable one because every client can feel that their mails and packages are secure in the hands of the professionals.

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