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When we talk about delivery companies, there are several options we can find in the market, but no one is as good as Ninjavan. It has become a recognized delivery company in all Asia territory. However, it does not mean we are going to find only a Ninjavan in the Philippines because there are several Ninjavan agencies perfectly distributed.
For this reason, we want to talk to you a little bit more about this delivery company and all the Ninjavan shipping services.

What is Ninjavan?

Since 2014, Ninjavan has offered one of the best technologies, which means that Ninjavan tracking is one of the best on the market. Of course, it does not mean they only have the basic service; after all, their commitment to their users made them offer express shipping too.
All the team on Ninjavan works as hard as they can to offer to all their customers that live in Southeast Asia a connection with the rest of the world. There is nothing more important for the team of this company than making the Ninjavan shipping the best of all.

How do I track my Ninjavan parcel?

Tracking service is one of the several services that this delivery company has for us. The customer wants to know where their parcels are in real-time because it makes them feel safer.
For this reason, they offer to their clients the Ninjavan own packaging tracking which lets the customers know the exact locations of their parcels. It also lets the customers calculate the estimated time of arrival time of the package, independently if it is a standard delivery or an express delivery.
In this way, the possibilities to lose your parcels are very low, mainly because the website of Ninjavan offers you all you need to track your parcels. Each parcel that you send with this company has a Ninjavan code which is like the ID of the parcels.
To track your parcels, you have to use this Ninjavan code on the tracking section of the website of this delivery company. After you get in the code, you are going to see the Ninjavan tracking status.
It can vary according to the process that is going through your parcel. Those statuses can be delayed shipment, On-Hold, Cancelled, status check, and others.
An easier way to track your parcel is to use the Ship24 platform.

Where does Ninjavan can deliver packages?

The shipping services started in Singapore, but it was not enough to be the best company in Singapore, Ninjavan wanted more. For this reason, the team worked hard and improved the Ninjavan tracking service to make more and more people want to use the company to deliver their parcels.
In this way, it was a thing of time that they could expand their shipping routes to other countries. Its growth lets its shipping to other countries of Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and one of the more popular Ninjavan the Philippines.
Unfortunately, the Ninja van tracking cannot be used for shipping to other countries because they only have branches in Southeast Asia.

How much is Ninjavan delivery?

The cost of the Ninjavan shipping is going to depend on the modality of shipment you choose. Besides, the dimensions of the parcels as the weight and size can make the cost change.

  • For parcels of 4 kg or less, the cost for Ninjavan standard delivery and ninja collect is SGD 2,50
  • For the Ninjavan Express Courier is SGD 4,50. But, for medium parcels about <10 kg the cost is SGD 5,00 (standard courier)/ SGD 6,00 (express courier).
  • Otherwise, if the weight is < 20 kg and the size around 200 cm, it is considered a large package, and it costs SGD 8,00 for the standard courier and SGD 9,00 for the express courier.
  • The last fee is for those people that need to deliver extra-large packages of < 30 kg and 300 cm; it costs SGD 15,50 for standard courier and SGD 16,50 for the express courier.

As you can see the shipping fees are not too expensive if we compare them with the fees of other competitors.

How long does Ninjavan take to deliver?

Independently of the size and weight of the parcels, the company has an excellent shipping time as good as its Ninjavan own packaging tracking service. The delivery time for the parcels sent on the modality of Ninjavan standard delivery takes around 1 to 3 working days.
Nevertheless, the packages delivered on the modality of ninja express courier only take around 1 to 2 working days. As you can notice the Ninjavan shipping time is very short which means that you are not going to wait for too much to receive your parcels.

Does Ninjavan deliver on weekends?

Ninjavan Philippines and the Ninjavan of other countries have a very broad shipping schedule. They make deliveries from Monday to Saturday, despite not making deliveries the entire weekend, they make the shipping 6 days a week. If we think it well, it is so much more than other delivery companies.
Besides, they also work from 9 AM to 10 PM. In this way, if you work a lot all day and cannot be at home during the day, they can make your delivery at night, and you can check it all time with the Ninjavan tracking status.

How do I contact Ninjavan?

The customer service of Ninjavan is incredible because they offer you different ways you can contact them. You can call +65 6602 8271 to get a hotline customer service. But you can also send them an email to support_sg@ninjavan.co if you have problems with your Ninjavan code or with the Ninjavan own packaging tracking.
Also, if you are a corporation and want to do some business, you can send an email to sg-sales@ninjavan.co. Even you can find a solution to a problem with Ninjavan own packaging tracking through their special section of contact on its website. It does not matter the contact way you choose, they will have an answer for you.

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