Nexive tracking

Nexive tracking

What is Nexive?

Nexive is a private company that operates and manages courier and postal correspondence delivery services in Italy. It is considered the first private postal service company in the country. The company was founded in 1998, in the city of Milan. The company in charge of its foundation is the renowned transport company TNT. Among a wide variety of services, Nexive shippings are nationally recognized for their efficiency and reliability.
Currently, the company has more than 7000 employees and more than 1000 post offices that are distributed in the country. Thanks to its impressive postal logistics network, Nexive can cover 80% of the country to meet the demand for postal mail services. It also has the infrastructure to cover 100% of the national territory to meet the needs of its customers for the delivery of packages of any size and dimension.
Its headquarters are located in the city of Milan, and its foundation is the result of the union of several corporations from the same labor sector such as TNT and a historical national company known as Rinaldi L'Espresso.
The Nexive company is known as one of the best postal companies thanks to its shipping and parcel delivery logistics in Italy. For the year 2014, the company opens a new chapter in its history, entering the world of e-business. With TNT logistical support, the company begins to contribute to the logistics of shipping and delivering parcels or products acquired through e-businesses and retailers.
This new challenge strengthens the company's values. The Nexive company is so relevant in Italy, that it has good relations and agreements with companies in any sector of work. Banking institutions, insurance companies, telecommunication companies, technology corporations, digital and print media companies, and numerous public sector companies have agreements with Nexive.
Nexive is committed and convinced to offer the best distribution services, shipping, and delivery of packages, goods, or postal orders, both nationally and internationally. This is thanks to the fact that Nexive makes a great effort to look after its customers' interests. Its main goal is to satisfy the needs of millions of national and international users, regarding the use of postal services and package delivery.

How to track my Nexive parcel?

The official Nexive website can be found on the Internet. There, customers can make use of the Nexive tracking service, in which customers can follow and locate the packages or postal correspondence they have sent, and all the goods they have ordered through e-business.
This service is carried out through a virtual tracking and tracing system, where users must use the Nexive tracking number to correctly track and follow the packages. Customers can also make use of the Nexive package tracking service through the mobile application developed by the company, which can only be downloaded from the official Nexive website.

Where to find your Nexive tracking number?

Likewise, the Nexive tracking number can only be acquired through e-mail messages, once all the corresponding delivery procedures have been completed. In case of loss of the tracking number or problems in obtaining the tracking number, customers can request it through the use of customer service.

How long does it take for Nexive to ship?

Nexive shipping time can be considered as one of the most competitive in the market today. This company’s delivery time is one of the best in the country compared to other private companies since the company guarantees that packages can be delivered in less than 24 hours with the use of express or EMS services. Also, with express services, users can receive packages 7 days a week.
At a national level and with the use of standard services, packages, merchandise or postal orders can reach their destination in an estimated delivery time of 3 to 5 working days. For countries outside the European continent, the approximate Nexive delivery time is 2 weeks. To countries in Europe, the delivery time is 2 to 7 working days.

Where can Nexive deliver?

Nexive packages can reach any area or city in the country, even the most remote regions. At the international level, the company has the infrastructure and logistics network necessary to make shipments and deliveries to more than 220 countries around the world. Likewise, the company can send packages, merchandise, and postal correspondence by different means of transport.

What are Nexive shipping costs?

The company Nexive offers the most competitive rates in the Italian market:

  • With the use of standard delivery services and small or medium packages, the average price of the service is 11 dollars.

The amount of the tariffs can vary because of the weight and the dimensions of the packages, the greater the weight of the package, the greater the amount of the expense.
For international deliveries:

  • To European countries, the average Nexive shipping fee is approximately $14. With the use of premium services, the approximate shipping cost is 17 dollars.
  • To other countries outside Europe, the approximate shipping cost is 20 dollars. With the use of other delivery services, the approximate price of the rate can exceed 24 dollars. With larger packages, costs can exceed 200 dollars.

Where is my Nexive Parcel?

Depending on the type of service requested by the customer, Nexive parcels can be hosted in the distribution warehouses located in the main center of operations. In those situations where the user is not present to receive the package, he will receive a text message and email with the necessary instructions to dispose of the sent package. Most packages, merchandise, or postal correspondence are stored in Nexive warehouses, for security and operational efficiency reasons.

Are Nexive parcels shipping safe?

One of Nexive major commitments is to safeguard its customers' parcels and postal orders. For this reason, over the years it has developed logistics tools and rules to safeguard the integrity of its customers' packages. It has also developed modern methods and systems to protect customers' data when handling the shipping and delivery process. The tracking number is electronically recorded on the packages, to protect customer data and locate the package more efficiently.

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