New Zealand Post tracking

New Zealand Post tracking

For centuries society has tried to find new ways to communicate with different people of different cultures and countries. For this reason, postal services were born to make the process of communication between all nations easier. However, more than a communicational service, the post becomes a tool that many entrepreneurs have used to impulse their shops.
For this reason, New Zealand could not be out of this incredible process. In this way, New Zealand Post was created to help New Zealanders to communicate with the world and expand their horizons. They have a great number of services that can be of interest like the New Zealand Post tracking and other ones that can be helpful for you.
However, with time, the postal services started to lose popularity against the new methods to communicate like emails. But, it does not mean that New Zealand Post has surrendered to the obstacles because they have worked every day to give all their users the best experiences.

What is NZ Post?

NZ Post is a New Zealander company that is in charge of delivering all kinds of mails, packages, and parcels of companies and regular users. Besides, they do not only deliver parcels because they also receive them from national and international companies so you can get access to all the products you want.
But, NZ Post is more than a postal company because they are part of New Zealand’s history since they have around 180 years giving the citizens of New Zealand the best postal service they can.
The history of the NZ Post started in 1830 when the responsibility of the post was approved for the merchants of the islands. But, in 1840 was inaugurated the first and official post office, which was located in Kororareka. However, in 1841 when New Zealand was independent of New South Wales and started to be a colony of the crown, the post office took a year and a half to change power.
The post services at that time were very inefficient because the deliveries were from cost to cost. But, even at that time, the NZ Post made international shipping to Sydney and London. However, they did not stop there because they kept growing with the past of the time and introducing day after day new kinds of services like the New Zealand Post international air tracking.
But, everything was not a rose garden because in 1998 a postal services law that opens the market to other post companies was approved, this could be a clear competition to NZ Post. Nevertheless, that was not a problem because they were always working thinking about the possibility that this liberation could happen.
In New Zealand, there are around 25 postal companies different from NZ Post, but not affect the work of this company because their trajectory backs them up in front of the users.

How do I track my NZ Post?

The NZ Post tracking is one of the best extra services that NZ Post has to offer to all its users. The tracking number is going to vary depending on if you send a courier parcel or a regular parcel. The courier parcel number is longer than the non- courier one and the last one begins with two letters and ends with two letters as well.
In this way, you only have to enter your NZ Post tracking number on the website to know the location of your parcel. However, it is just a part of the service because you also can name your parcel if you are sending several parcels or just because you want to give it a name to track more easily. 
Besides, if you are the kind of person that wants to know all the time where your parcel is, RZ Post offers you the chance to subscribe to tracking alerts. In this way, when your parcel is scanned you are going to know it.

How much is NZ Post tracking?

The cost of the NZ Post tracking service is going to depend on the type of parcel you want to send, or the additional service you want like the New Zealand Post parcel collect. In this way, for regular deliveries like NZ Post postage included bags, NZ Post packaging bags and boxes, and your packaging, you will pay $ 1.00 extra for the tracking service. 
However, if your parcel exceeds the established dimensions, the New Zealand Post prices the tracking service will be different. For parcels until 25 kg across town is $5.70, for the first 5 kg within the island $ 8.80, and nationwide for the first 5 kg $13.70.

Where does New Zealand can Post deliver?

The shipping coverage of the NZ Post is very big. You can send parcels to different continents because NZ Post has deliveries for Brazil, Ghana, India, Russia, Thailand, and many other countries.

How long does NZ Post take to deliver?

The delivery time will depend on the dimensions and the destinations of the parcels because it is not the same as the time that takes to deliver a nationwide parcel as an international one. A nationwide parcel longs three working days to arrive at its destination. But, the international parcel's time is different according to the country.

How do I contact NZ Post?

The New Zealand Post website is very friendly with the users and lets them navigate fluently through it. Besides, the contact section counts with a classification based on 6 categories that can delimit your question or problem. In this way, you are going to be able to get the information you are looking for. 
However, if you want to send them your questions you can do it through their particular email that is going to redirect you to a formulary that you can fill according to your needs. Also, you can call them at 0800 501 501 if you are in New Zealand or at +64 9 977 0102 if you are outside. Remember, calls are received between 8 am to 5.30 pm.

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