La Poste Tunisienne tracking

La Poste Tunisienne tracking

The Tunisian Republic, or as it is better known, Tunisia is one of the most developed countries in the African continent, located very close to the Mediterranean coast towards the north of the continent. This country has proved to be a nation willing to grow and develop in many ways, and one of the most outstanding in recent decades is the correspondence system or postal system. With the Post Tunisie tracking service it is possible to find any letter or postcard sent within the national and international territory.

What is La Poste Tunisienne?

La Poste Tunisienne is the company in charge of the whole Tunisian postal system. It also offers different banking services within the country. La Poste Tunisienne has been in operation since 1847 and became a formal member of the Universal Postal Union in 1878. Since then, it has been evolving and innovating the way to receive, develop, and optimize all the aspects concerning the reception and sending of postcards and parcels.
This company carries out postal exchanges nationally and internationally, as well as the maintenance of many Tunisian items. La Poste Tunisienne is also part of the global delivery and shipping cooperative EMS. All La Poste shipping services are carried out under the rules established by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), which guarantees the free transit of postcards transported by land, air, and sea between the countries of the same postal zone.
Many Tunisians have known how to make the most of all the solutions offered by this company and it is thanks to this that the country remains in constant communication and work.

How do I track a package coming from La Poste Tunisienne?

Like many postal service and parcel delivery companies around the world, La Poste Tunisienne makes sure to establish a tracking number on all packages coming from the offices. Thanks to the Tunisie Poste tracking service it is possible to know the exact location of the package or the status it is in.
To track a package issued by La Poste Tunisienne just go to the tracking section on the company's official website, put the tracking ID of the package in the search field and you will find the information you need right away.
This company has a unique tracking number format by which it allows you to identify not only the location of the package but also to know if it is a national or international package. This tracking number is composed of 13 characters and there are different formats for each type of package or shipment. For example, packages with a tracking number beginning with the letter "C" always refer to a large package, up to 20 kg.
La Poste Tunisienne international package's formats are established by the UPU, where letters and numbers have a meaning:

  • The first letter, R, C, or E, indicates the type of shipment
  • R: registered packages
  • C: large packages
  • E: EMS shipment.

The numbers after the letters are the unique identification of the package and the last letters designate the destination.

Where does La Poste Tunisienne can deliver?

La Poste Tunisienne delivery service works throughout the national territory of Tunisia, covering all districts, provinces, and even the most rural areas. The company also has the capacity to deliver postal items to all UPU member countries, respecting the rules and conditions of each of them and with the due permission of the relevant authorities.
The company is not only the largest postal service provider in Tunisia but is also one of the largest in Africa and has a very large international mail coverage. With La Poste Tunisienne, Tunisians can send their letters and postcards to more than 180 countries around the world.

How long does it take to La Poste Tunisienne to deliver?

All postal packages, letters, and parcels can vary in their delivery time. These periods are divided for both domestic and international shipments. In the case of national shipments, these can be delivered on the same day of receipt in an office if the destination address is in the same district or area, but if it is elsewhere, in another city or area it can take 2 or 3 days to be delivered.
In the case of international shipments, the wait is longer and depends entirely on the destination. Generally, postal packages going to other countries in Africa or Europe take between 5 and 7 working days to reach their destination. For those shipments going to other continents, such as America, Asia, or Oceania, La Poste Tunisienne shipping time could vary between 14 and 25 days.

Is La Poste Tunisienne Expensive?

Not at all. The rates established by the Tunisian postal services company are in line with the international average for postal shipments. This company offers the cheapest rates in the whole country, offering the sending of postcards, letters and similar at low prices. Shipments within the national territory range from 3 TND ($1.06) to 15 TND ($5.32), depending on size and weight. And in the case of international rates, the average is between 5 TND (1.77) and 30 TND (10.65$).
With these rates, La Poste Tunisienne remains the leader in postal services throughout the country, and many people take advantage of its services and low prices to send mail to different countries. After all, it is important to ensure good security among the inhabitants of Tunisia and also with other relatives or friends outside the country.

How can I contact La Poste Tunisienne?

In case you need more specific information, you want to know more about the products and services offered by the company or to make a complaint, you can contact La Poste Tunisienne phone number (+216) 71839 00, or (+216) 71833 787. You can also communicate with the company through its email address:
On the official website you can find news, services, tracking, and much more. You can also fill in a form in the Contacts section and request any information you require. After all, La Poste Tunisienne is pleased to meet and fulfill each of its customers' needs, serving them with high quality and reliable service.

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