La Poste du Bénin tracking

La Poste du Bénin tracking

Benin is a small African country that has been evolving since it became part of the French Community in 1960. Independence's history of this small country is really amazing and it has learned to climb very fast in many aspects. Since then, many advances and technologies have been implemented in the country, and among them, the postal service with tools like La Poste du Benin tracking, from the company in charge of meeting the postal needs of the country's inhabitants and other delivery services.

Since when did La Poste du Benin exist?

Benin's postal services have been opened since 1890 when the Post and Telephone Office (PTO) was created. This took place in Porto-Novo, the main city of Benin at that time. Many years later, the Post and Telecommunications Office was created in 1953. From that moment, this Post and Telecommunication Office became the Benin Post Office, and then it was officially named La Poste du Benin.
Today, La Poste du Benin is the main company responsible for accepting and distributing mail throughout the country. Its headquarters are located in Cotonou, one of the country's main cities, and it is supervised by the Ministry of Communication and Promotion of New Technologies. La Poste du Benin shipping service is designed to make sure that the needs of all the customers are satisfied. In fact, this is the most recognized postal service company at the national level, and it has partnerships and agreements with postal companies in other countries including France, Burkina Faso, and other European and African countries. This is what is making La Poste du Benin grow nationally and internationally.

How do I track my package from La Poste du Benin?

La Poste Benin tracking is a very easy service to use. If you want to know where your package is, you can do it directly from the official website so that you can remain safe and confident about your delivery. In the tracking section, you will find a space where you must place the tracking number and there you will obtain the location of your package or even know if it has been picked up.
In case you have difficulties with the tracking of your package on La Poste du Benin official website, you can use our tracking tool, where you will also be able to locate your parcel and find important information about it.

Where can La Poste du Benin Deliver?

Despite being a company founded a few decades ago, its growth has been so rapid that it does not only deliver domestically but also internationally. La Poste du Benin allows its customers to send postcards and parcels to other African and European countries as well. However, the list of countries it can reach is limited, but this company has different partners who are responsible for taking the packages to the other countries where La Poste du Benin cannot reach.
As far as national shipments are concerned, La Poste du Benin can reach any part of the country, even the most distant neighborhoods, ensuring that everyone can stay in touch through the postal service. The company has taken charge of defining its own routes to all regions of the country, delivering the postal mail from the main cities to the most rural neighborhoods and districts.

Is La Poste du Benin Fast?

La Poste du Benin delivery time is considered to be relatively fast, at least for shipments within the country. Nationwide, shipments through the different cities are made on motorcycles or minivans, and these could be delivered two or three days after they were received. International shipments may take a minimum of 5 days to be delivered after receipt.
The inhabitants of Benin rely on La Poste du Benin postal services within the national territory because they have not totally grown for international shipments. However, it remains the most economical option for postal services throughout the country. Moreover, compared with other delivery companies, La Poste du Benin delivers quickly.

How much does it cost to deliver my package with La Poste Du Benin?

La Poste du Benin always tries to keep prices affordable for its services both nationally and internationally. However, the company has many obstacles to overcome and that is why its prices can be considered a little high. In fact, La Poste du Benin shipping fees remain a little higher in other postal companies' price ranges. The company classifies its fees based on the size of the package and the destination.
The price range for international shipments is standardized by small, medium, and large boxes, and according to the destination where they go. These are divided into small boxes; which can have a shipping rate from 7,000 FCFA (12.13$) to 35,000 FCFA (60$), medium boxes ranging from 10,000 FCFA (17.33$) to 40,000 FCFA (69.33$), and large boxes ranging from 12,000 FCFA (20.80$) to 50,000 FCFA (86.67$). Mailings at the national level remain at an average of 500 CFAF ($0.87).

How can I contact La Poste du Benin?

Most of the world's postal service companies have one or more means of contact. La Poste du Benin contact website page also offers different means by which you can communicate and consult any doubts, information, or problems you may have. You can contact La Poste du Benin through:
Phone numbers:

  • (+229) 21 31 79 58.
  • (+229) 21 30 85 17.
  • (+229) 21 31 79 58 (Fax).


If you wish, you can also visit one of the offices located in the different cities of the country, or if you prefer, you can go to the main office located at 01 BP 8080, Cotonou, Route du port. In this and any of the other offices, you will be received from Monday to Friday from 8 a. m. to 12 p. m. and from 3 p. m. to 5 p. m. You can also visit the official website of La Poste du Benin; to find all the information about the company, its services, rates, and much more.

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