Kyrgyz Post tracking

Kyrgyz Post tracking

What is Kyrgyz Post?

Kyrgyz Post is one of the most important companies in Kyrgyzstan and is the main company in the country, which has the responsibility to manage and make all the postal services, both national and international, work properly.
Kyrgyz Post was founded in 1993 after the country became independent from the former Soviet Union and offers a wide range of services. Also, it is important to mention that Kyrgyz Post works in collaboration with its postal partner Kyrgyz Post express post, which is known as the second and more recent postal company of the country.
The country of Kyrgyzstan is an active member of the Universal Postal Union or better known as the UPU. In 1993, it began to be part of the UPU, and later, in 2013 the company Kyrgyz Post express also began to be part of this important organization. In 2003, the Kyrgyz Post started to be regulated by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Also, in the same year, it was again registered as the main company responsible for the administration and proper functioning of all postal services in the country.
Currently, Kyrgyz Post has more than 870 post offices and more than 921 postal departments that are distributed in the most important regions of the country, including those rural areas that are more remote. Besides, it has 4 main branches, which are in the most important cities of Kyrgyzstan, and the general center of postal operations, located in Bishkek. It also has a transport operation building for domestic and international postal deliveries.
The infrastructure and logistics network of Kyrgyz Post is so large that at least 70% of post offices and postal departments are located in rural regions. The company also has a mobile post office, which is ideal for reaching remote areas. As one of the largest companies in Kyrgyzstan, it has more than 4000 employees, working in all departments and post offices of Kyrgyz Post. Finally, it is important to emphasize that Kyrgyz Post has the support of the best couriers such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx. 

How do I track my Kyrgyz Post package?

A modern system for users to track and locate their packages or correspondence is not available on the official Kyrgyz Post website. However, there are 3 methods that users can use to track and locate their postal packages:

  • The first method is to use Kyrgyz Post express post tracking system, which can be found on its official website.
    Users will be able to enter the Kyrgyz Post tracking number into the Kyrgyz Post Express tracking system and then track and trace their postal orders, regardless of the region or country of destination.
  • As a second method, users will be able to track their packages or correspondence through a virtual tracking system like our platform regarding your parcel’s status.
  • Finally, users will be able to request the Kyrgyz Post tracking service by consulting Kyrgyz Post customer service phone numbers and e-mail. 

Does Kyrgyz Post deliver internationally?

Because Kyrgyz Post belongs to the Universal Postal Union and is supported by major transportation companies, the company can manage the distribution, shipping, and delivery of letters, parcels, or documents to over 200 countries around the world.
This operational capacity is also feasible in those postal services such as EMS. Public users and private customers can send parcels up to 30 kg, through different means of transport, such as land, sea, and air.

How long does it take to Kyrgyz Post to deliver?

Because it has a good postal infrastructure and the collaboration of couriers such as DHL, UPS, or FedEx, Kyrgyz Post delivery time is usually excellent. Currently, nationally the company can make deliveries to any region of the country.

  • With the most economical services, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 3 working days.
  • Through the EMS service, the delivery time is approximately 24 hours.
  • For international deliveries to North American countries, such as the United States or Mexico, the approximate delivery time is 12 to 15 working days.
  • For countries in Central and South America, the approximate delivery time is 14 to 17 working days.
  • For countries in Asia, such as China, the delivery time is approximately 15 to 18 days.
  • For countries of Africa, the approximate time of delivery is 10 to 14 working days
  • For countries in Europe, the approximate delivery time is 9 to 12 working days. 

Is Kyrgyz Post expensive?

Kyrgyz Post shipping prices can change due to several factors, such as the weight of the package, the dimensions of the package, the destination, and the type of delivery service that has been selected by the customer. The approximate cost of delivery of small packages nationwide is 5 dollars. With the use of EMS service, the approximate cost is 6 dollars.
For international deliveries:

  • For North American countries, such as the United States, the approximate cost is $17.
  • For countries in Central and South America, the average cost is 15 dollars.
  • For Asian countries, such as China, the average price is also 15 dollars.
  • For African countries, the approximate price is 18 dollars.
  • For other European countries, the average cost is 16 dollars.

It is important to mention that if users decide to use the EMS service, the payment of costs will be very similar to these approximate prices. Also, it is necessary to remember that these estimated prices are based on the criteria of delivery of small packages, which do not weigh more than 3 kg.

How do I contact Kyrgyz Post?

On the official website, users will be able to access important Kyrgyz Post contact data, such as e-mail addresses, official phone numbers, and customer service phone lines. They will also be able to access the home address of the Kyrgyz Post headquarters. Finally, it is important to emphasize that the website of Kyrgyz Post also offers a GPS tool, where users can locate all post offices and postal departments of the company, as well as point of sale terminals for bank transfers and payments of services.

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