Kerry Express tracking

Kerry Express tracking


What is Kerry Express?

Kerry Express is one of the services provided by Kerry Logistics, which specializes in package delivery within the Asian region. Kerry Express services currently cover Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia, among others. However, Kerry Logistics also can provide international shipping options.

Originally founded in Hong Kong, Kerry Express is an award-winning service that now runs more than 550 distribution centers and boasts over 2,000 service locations across East Asia. It is very popular due to its cash-on-delivery options, which it has rolled out country-wide in many of the locations it operates.

Kerry Express offers several delivery timeframe choices for its customers. For more urgent deliveries, they offer same-day and next-day delivery. For deliveries that don't require urgent delivery, they also have some economic delivery options which are also cheaper. Kerry Express offer.

Today, Kerry Express has around 10,000 staff and over 9,000 company vehicles and handles 15 million parcels each month, which sees its cash-on-delivery service alone take some 50 million USD.

Kerry Express package tracking

What is Kerry logistics?

Kerry Logistics is the founding company of Kerry Express delivery service. Kerry Logistics has built an extensive operational capacity in many of the regions emerging markets, meaning that it is only set to grow alongside markets that are set to see a booming trade sector. If you are using Kerry Express services then it is best to contact Kerry Express directly rather than Kerry logistics, as they will be able to help with any queries regarding your parcel.

Where is Kerry Express located?

Although Kerry Logistics is headquartered in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, it has offices all around east Asia. The property owned by Kerry Logistics has a range of different uses, from offices and sorting warehouses to parcel delivery service points. Therefore, the route of your parcel may not necessarily pass through any particular addresses owned by Kerry Logistics or Kerry Express.

The route your parcel will take will depend on the best available route as chosen by Kerry Express, depending on a number of factors including the final destination and the nearest sorting centers with the fastest processing time.

What services does Kerry Express offer?

Kerry Express offers a range of parcel delivery services, including multiple service points, parcel lockers, mobile booking, cash-on-delivery, same-day delivery, re-packing, direct marketing, customized service, and more.

Kerry Express also uses air, land, and sea transportation to be able to ensure not only global shipping but a wide range of delivery options for customers, with faster international deliveries being able to fly via air and slower, economy options being transported by road and sea.
Kerry Logistics prides itself on optimizing delivery routes and ensuring cost-efficiency in its services, to offer the shortest possible transit times. It also has customizable delivery services to meet specific parcel delivery needs.

Who uses Kerry Express service?

Kerry Express currently operates parcel services for business to customer (B2C), business to businesses to customer and customer (B2B2C) as well as customer to customer. Kerry Express is particularly known for its logistics solution in the eCommerce sector, often working directly with e-merchants and online sellers in the region, especially those who operate on social media. Kerry Express also serves lots of corporate users, delivering parcels to and from business locations through the region.

At the other end of its services, Kerry Express is also utilized by individuals ordering goods on a small scale, including small items such as gadgets, beauty products, household items, electronics, and any other items which can be bought from social media or online marketplace based businesses.

Kerry Express works with international express firms, local retail brands, and individuals for package delivery. It also has partnerships with international express firms, meaning it can utilize parcel delivery transport on a global scale.

Kerry Express is also involved with home shopping channels, being the delivery service for many of the products which are sold via this medium. Finally, Kerry Logistics also works with telecom companies, financial institutes, and small and medium enterprises to forward its business offerings.

Does Kerry Express provide E-commerce solutions?

The growing success of Kerry Express is in part due to its ability to provide logistics and delivery solutions in the eCommerce sector, such as for e-retailers and online merchants. In the East Asia region, many online sellers use social media and Kerry Express has catered to these with its payment solutions (such as the popular payment-on-delivery option), return management, on-site support, customs clearance, and route optimization.

How do I track a Kerry Express parcel?

It is easy to track a Kerry Express through the Ship24 tracking tool, which has a number of advantages over tracking with Kerry Express directly or tracking a Kerry Express parcel with another third-party tracking option. Ship24 tracking covers multiple couriers, which is especially important when you want to track packages with a company like Kerry Express, which sometimes uses a variety of partners and other private logistics companies to help them deliver parcels.

By using the global tracking tool on the Ship24 website, you are ensuring that you are using a multi-courier tracking tool that will still offer you updates on parcels even if they are transported by different transportation methods and/or handled by different couriers.

Is Kerry Express reliable?

Kerry Express is a trusted company that has grown strong logistics networks in emerging markets and is cementing itself as a fast and efficient logistics service, especially in the East Asian region. Also, Kerry Express is used by lots of different e-retailers, businesses, and shopping channels proving it is trusted to deliver.

Does Kerry Express use different handlers to deliver products internationally?

Despite Kerry Express shipping services having thousands of parcel processing warehouses, service points, and having a significant operational capacity, when it comes to international delivery, Kerry Express delivery options will still often use international couriers to deliver the parcel in countries where it does not have its own workforce. Unlike larger international companies such as DHL, Kerry Express relies on its work with other handlers in order to be able to deliver packages worldwide.

Therefore, when tracking your Kerry Express parcel, it is advised to track with a universal, multi-courier tracking platform, such as Ship24. Ship24 only needs your Kerry Express tracking number to begin tracking your parcel. Simply copy and paste it into the Ship24 website and begin tracking your parcel immediately.

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