JNE Express tracking

JNE Express tracking

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The significance of maintaining transportation of goods and other values through long distances is vital for the current society, and it opens a need for specialized services that make it easier. JNE Express Indonesia is the best option in the country to satisfy such a need efficiently.
Besides, the company provides JNE Express International services, which is valuable knowledge to have for those needing to send something nice to their beloved or with a business purpose to reach clients in foreign destinations.

JNE Express package tracking

What is JNE Express?

JNE Express Indonesia is a postal service company that maintains a high-quality service for around 30 years, always procuring to provide the most excellent experience to all its clients as it says in its mission published on the website.
Since its origin, on November 26 of 1990, the company provides excellent importation, exportation, postal, and delivery services within the country and abroad. Currently, their JNE Express International service is the best option.

How do I track my JNE Express parcel?

The company provides tracking services for the clients with utmost transparency. It is so considering the largeness of the country's territory. On the other side, it is especially significant for JNE Express international services.
JNE Express provides clear tracking services using their official website and is made in the most user-friendly way for the comfort of the customers, so they can follow their package until its destination using the JNE Express tracking number.
The landing page provides two options for tracking JNE Express shipments. The first is easily seen on the left margin with a red backfield and the words Track Shipment write in white capital letters with a green button with the words Tracking located beside the space for writing the tracking number.
The second is a blue button on a vertical bar in the left margin displaying a picture of a box circled by a magnifying glass. Clicking in will redirect the website to the Track Shipment section where the customer finds the instructions easily explained and a blank segment to type the tracking number

What does look like a JNE Express tracking number?

JNE Express tracking number is the airwaybill number, a code of 13 numbers plus the bar code present in the delivery proof sheet. Also, it can be an alphanumeric code in the e-connote, mostly used in e-consignment notes.
These codes are the ones that the clients need to put in the blank segment that the website provides for tracking JNE Express shipments as explained in the previous segment of this article.
The company makes its best to provide an easy JNE Express tracking service for all the customers, while also giving their clients an excellent and satisfactory experience.

Where does JNE Express can deliver?

JNE Express Indonesia counts with the best Island Transportation service using GPS and various means to deliver the package to all the national territory. It is thanks to the branches located in different regions of the country.
Of course, the company also provides delivery services abroad, suiting to the needs of the customers. On the other side, international shipping has different JNE Express delivery charges depending on the destination.
The best is that the company provides the best JNE Express tracking services either abroad or inside the country, ensuring to the customers the safety of their order along the way until its due destination.

Is JNE Express delivery expensive?

Part of the company's mission is to provide an excellent experience to the customers, which includes different options of delivering services with variations in the shipping time and the JNE delivery charges. It varies from the fastest with higher charges than regular to those slower and cheaper than the regular services of JNE Express.
On the other side, there are also membership options, international delivery, and other services with different charges according to the details. Of course, the company always provides the best service for tracking JNE Express shipments anytime and anywhere for all the shipping options.

Is JNE Express delivery fast?

Similar to the previous item, there are different options among their services, some faster than others. The fastest that the company delivers something is 24 hours to certain locations. Besides, a faster delivery has higher charges than regular service while equally containing a JNE Express tracking number for the customer to track the shipment.
The regular time of delivery is from 1 to 7 weekdays depending on the destination. On the other side, the company also counts with a cheaper option that is slower than regular, in which case the JNE Express tracking service becomes more important to follow the order all the way.

How to contact JNE Express?

JNE Express takes as a priority the experience of the customers, for that reason, they are constantly improving their service and maintaining a close relationship with the clients. From their different accounts online, the various branches in every region, and visibly displaying the JNE Express phone number in every section of their website.
As well one of the most direct options to communicate with the company is using the JNE Express phone number for customer care, which is (62 21) 2927 8888. Of course, every branch at the various parts of each region has its specific number which can be found on the website, specifically in the section named “Our Information”.
JNE Express also publishes in the same section the contact information of a few departments at the headquarter like the Head Office numbers of the office: (6221) 566 5262, fax: (6221)567 1413, and email address: customercare@jne.co.id
The company has a presence in social media like Facebook and Youtube as JNE or Twitter and Instagram as @JNE_ID. That way, the customers can keep in touch with the company online easily.
It is a fact that JNE Express is, without any doubt, the best option to send packages anywhere in Indonesia, even to receive things from abroad or ship to other countries. JNE Express is always ready to satisfy the necessities of its customers.

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