HayPost tracking

Is HayPost reliable?

Since 1991, HayPost is the official Armenia Postal Service, which has 900 locations in the country and an overseas office located in California, United States, in order to enable the growth of shipping service between this country and Armenia. This company is in charge of offering messaging services, bill payments, electronic funds transfers, and travel insurance.
This is considered one of the most effective companies when shipping packages in the delivery time that the client stipulated, where the services it provides are as efficient as they can be. These services are: back statements, unfold documents, information materials, annual reports, and a subscription opportunity to get benefits such as the delivery of periodicals to your doorstep by special routes, cost variations for the entire season, exclusive approach to the client, etc.

How do I track my HayPost package?

Due to the detailed, easy, and simple system that HayPost manages for the HayPost Tracking process, the way to locate and know the status of your package speeds up your search and saves a lot of your time.
Entering the official website of HayPost, and following the requirements that most of the shipment companies ask for, write the HayPost am Tracking Number in the search engine that is presented and the system will do the whole process to find the request instantly.
Once this is done, the client will be able to see the shipping details of the order and answer any questions that you may have about it. The HayPost Armenia tracking system is a tool that provides tranquility and certainty to all its customers.

What is a HayPost Shipping?

Unlike the rest of the companies around the country, HayPost is the number one industry in Armenia that guarantees the service, its promises, its brochures, and advertisements. HayPost delivery service is the package shipping system that communicates the places it arrives and the people it is addressed to.
Through a postal address service, the company will benefit the country with the ability to deliver bank accounts, packaging, plastic cards, and the constant promotion of its characteristics and functions to satisfy the future customer.
Such is the level that HayPost gets around its customers, not only does it help the company, but it also provides services to other brands by regulating their direct mail services, reducing costs, organizing the database, and much more.
The HayPost Company also offers the incredible express mail service, which is a plan to deliver faster, in over 200 countries around the whole world. HayPost of course is not far behind, and together with such an organization, provides the service of priority management to this type of document, exhaustively monitoring immediate compliance with delivery, signing of deliveries, and acceptance at any post office.
For this option, there is the HayPost EMS tracking option, where the company assures the client a perfect, fast, and safe shipment with proof of data.

Does HayPost deliver internationally?

HayPost finally opened its doors to international areas, when the project was welcomed by the Armenian Minister of Transport and Communication, and the Mayor of Glendale, in 2015. After that, there was the opportunity to start shipping HayPost parcels by direct delivery from the US to Armenia, faster.
Armenian residents can now enjoy shopping in the US from the comfort of their homes and receiving their HayPost package in Armenia, no matter how far or near it is.
Depending on how long the order takes to be delivered to Armenia, HayPost shipping time can be 7-14 business days from the air. To know how many days, it would take to deliver from sea shipping; it must be evaluated through the shipping calculator that the website offers.
HayPost is also responsible for the dissemination of essential information that the customer needs to know before making the shipping request. This topic talks about the prohibited items in different countries from Argentina to Zimbabwe, where they specify what are the instructions about what can be sent and not to the different destinations around the world, with the sections and codes stipulated by each law.
This type of information is found on the company’s official website, within the Express Mail Service section, located specifically on the List of Prohibited Items, in a free and availed download format, just a click away, in a quick presentation very easy to understand by anyone, to ensure the investment and time.

What are theHayPost shipping costs?

To know the HayPost costs, the client must download the Excel document found on the website, which contains the prices of the products and services offered by the company.
This document is divided into different categories with sections, in which different options are present such as shipping to Armenia, international shipping, parcels, and telegrams. Within each folder, the client can check through the data corresponding to the order, the cost to pay according to weight, destination, and other data, using the calculator.
With this easy and fast method, any type of customer can easily identify how much money they should give to the company for the delivery service.

Does HayPost have customer service?

In order to approach the HayPost contact service as a customer, two main ways can be used.

  • The first is through the hot-line corresponding to the number 514 514, where a staff server will be contacted and will solve any doubt, inconvenience, or general query that may be related to any data or information about the company and its services.
  • The other way is the live chat, through the official website, which basically gets the same attention as the hot-line, but visually with writing your questions, comments, or ideas you want to share to the customer service staff.
    It should be also noted that one of the options that HayPost offers its customers is the option of feedback on the page, where the consumer is allowed to leave its comments, opinion, or suggestions to the company, including any doubt about the HayPost, am tracking, seeking to increase the quality, growth, and improvement as a project.
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