Global Tracking

Global Tracking


What is global tracking?

Global tracking is the ability to track parcel and package shipments worldwide. However, as the shipping process becomes increasingly complex, and competitors, EMS (such as China Post EMS) services and national posts look to expand their international shipping and delivery options, tracking has also become more complicated. This has given rise to third-party, independent shipment tracking tools within the market. While many of these boast tracking capabilities, Ship24 is recognized as one of the market leaders for global shipment tracking, because of the superior functionality of its universal tracking system.

Ship24 has tracked over 300 million parcels globally, for customers and businesses, via both the free-to-use Ship24 tracking system, as well as the API and Webhook subscription packages for more tailored tracking needs. People are choosing Ship24 because we work with some 957 couriers, (with that number only increasing) as well as thousands of online shops and marketplace platforms. Whether you want to global tracking on your parcel as a buyer, seller, or logistics company, we deliver second-to-none package tracking to meet your needs.

Can I get global tracking for my parcel?

While many think that global tracking can be a headache, with the need to know which (as often there are multiple) couriers are handling your parcel and how you can get updates (especially regarding customs clearances), others are finding solace in the one-stop-shop for global tracking, Ship24.

Ship24 offers comprehensive, global tracking events as they happen, as well as event history, a package's status, and current location. You don't need to enter lots of information about your package or even sign up/login, simply enter your original tracking number (whichever courier it is with) and let Ship24 do the rest!

How can I get global shipment tracking?

With just the tracking number given to you on confirmation of your shop, marketplace, or logistics company purchase, you can get global tracking with Ship24. Ship24 is a website with a search bar, which you will just need to copy and paste your tracking number into in order to access global shipment tracking information for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is Ship24 global tracking?

Ship24 is a multi-courier, shipment tracking solution specializing in true end-to-end tracking functionality for individuals and businesses. Our niche value proposition came about because of the difficulty people were facing in tracking their packages globally. As eCommerce and globalization continues to interlink cross-border trade, shipping and logistics companies have had to adapt their services to meet the growing demand for safe and speedy parcel delivery. This has led to many marketplaces and online shops recommending or choosing specific global parcel delivery services which can deliver reliable, global shipment delivery and tracking. However, while many parcel delivery companies offer international shipping, parcel delivery is often subcontracted or outsourced to other companies for forwarding or final (last leg) delivery.

For instance, 4PX is a well-known shipment forwarding company in China that uses partnerships with other major couriers outside of China - such as DHL in Europe or FedEx in North America - to deliver their parcels once they leave mainland China. In some cases, this can mean that individuals and businesses wanting to track their parcels can be left either without adequate tracking information once the parcel has been handed over or having to switch their global tracking to a new courier once a handover has taken place. Ship24's multi-courier, global tracking capability solves this issue, as users can find all their global tracking needs in one place. Ship24's global tracking capability means that users don't need to keep up to date with who their parcel is going to be, or has been, handed over to. With the original tracking number provided to them - and nothing else - users can continue tracking their parcel worldwide. This is why Ship24 continues to be the preferred option for true end-to-end global tracking.

Why choose Ship24 global tracking?

Ship24 is a market-leading, global shipment tracking solution with in-built multi-courier capability and parcel handling auto-detection functionality. We help users track millions of packages worldwide because of our smart, AI-powered tracking system.

Ship24 scans thousands of couriers, postal services, marketplaces, and online shops to recognize, locate and bring to you, all the relevant package tracking information instantly. Indeed, Ship24 prides itself on as close to real-time location and status event updates as possible, with 24/7 data quality monitoring included with our global shipment tracking as standard.

Whether you need to track a single parcel or to set up an integrated universal tracking API or Webhook for your business, Ship24 is the ultimate global tracking solution for shops/sellers, marketplaces, individuals, and businesses.

How can I use a global tracking API?

Ship24's global tracking API is a one-stop-shop tracking solution, delivering true end-to-end location and status tracking in as close to real-time as possible.

Our global tracking API is designed to specifically cater for:

  • Shops/Sellers (such as Adidas): When your customers need reliable, global tracking solutions for your customer's orders, look no further than Ship24's global tracking API. Ensure the best post-purchase experience for your customers worldwide, with Ship24's powerful, global tracking system.
  • Marketplaces (such as Aliexpress and eBay) Both buyers and sellers are using Ship24 for their global tracking. However, sellers, in particular, are ensuring their orders globally trackable in order to ensure there can be no complaints from customers who may, for instance, claim that their package has not been delivered. Ship24's global tracking means sellers can rest assured that they have full tracking control of their shipments, in order to settle any disputes that may arise with buyers.
  • Logistics companies: Shipment tracking is a standard customer expectation in today's world, and logistics companies are seeking a reliable solution to their global tracking needs in Ship24. Whether they service shops or marketplaces, Ship24 can provide comprehensive, global tracking for their business.

Indeed, with multi-courier capability, in-built AI machine learning, and a dedicated, best-in-class support team as part of the package, the Ship24 tracking API delivers an all-encompassing tracking solution for all your global tracking needs.

Our tracking API can be called anytime to provide you with the latest global tracking information on your parcel. Including:

  • True end-to-end tracking capability
  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 tracking at your call
  • Applied AI-machine learning and 24/7 data quality monitoring
  • Support team as standard, with the option of dedicated enterprise SLA/account managers if required.

Where can my business get a global tracking Webhook?

Ship24's Tracking Webhook offers the same comprehensive shipment tracking features like the tracking API, but with added functionality, giving businesses 'as they happen' trigger notifications for events related to your parcel. This includes event updates for the more than 900 couriers and thousands of online shops and marketplaces which Ship24's global tracking covers, meaning that once you are integrated with our system (which takes mere minutes) you will have 100 percentage global tracking delivered to you as it happens, on your parcels/packages.

Our tracking Webhook will automatically update you on any and all event updates regarding your parcel. Including:

  • Total end-to-end tracking information delivered directly to you as it happens
  • Inbuilt auto-detection for instant, multi-courier recognition
  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 tracking event updates pushed automatically
  • Applied AI-machine learning for optimal service delivery
  • Support team as standard, with the option of dedicated enterprise SLA/account managers if required.
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