Fastway tracking

Fastway tracking

Fastway parcel delivery service is one of the best in New Zealand, offering mail and general parcel delivery services. Although its headquarters are located in Napier, New Zealand, it has already expanded to Australia, Ireland and Northern Ireland, and South Africa.
The company was founded in 1983, operating through various regional franchises. In 2016, the company Aramex absorbed Fastway Couriers, becoming one of the main transport companies at an international level. However, Fastway has had a hard time gaining the trust of its customers, but they continue to strive to always give their best.

How do I track my Fastway parcel?

Fastway tracking tool uses handheld scanners that allow you to locate your package wherever it is on the journey to its final destination, from pickup, transfer, and arrival at destination. All packages pass through key points where their location is recorded. This data is transmitted to the company's platform where customers can access all the details of the tracking of their package. 
In case a customer sends multiple packages, Fastway offers an online tool that facilitates the continuous tracking of several packages at the same time. This is the Franchise system, which is constantly updated automatically each time information is received from the checkpoints. Each user can log in with his or her session on the website and perform the personalized Fastway tracking.
Whether it's one or several packages, you can track them by entering the Fastway tracking number in the search field and instantly be shown the status of your package or your package portfolio. You also have the option to print the tracking receipt to send to whomever you wish or simply save it.

What does a Fastway tracking number look like?

The Fastway tracking number consists of 12 characters, two alphabets at the beginning of the number, and 10 numeric digits after the letters. An example of a Fastway tracking number would be AA1597538525. Similarly, on the receipts issued by the company, you can clearly see these numbers, so you can use them to track when you want.

Is it safe to ship parcels with Fastway?

All Fastway deliveries are made under the guarantee of the data they provide. This data allows us to analyze the status of the delivery, as well as the time in which all the packages that leave the offices are sent to their different destinations. At all times, Fastway allows you to track your packages and ensure that the entire process is completed successfully and securely.

How do you use Fastway couriers?

Fastway offers a low cost, secure, reliable parcel and mail delivery service with the ability to cover regional and metropolitan areas in South Africa, Ireland, and New Zealand.
Using the company's services does not require much science, formulas, or complex processes. You only have to take your package to the office, indicate the necessary data for the shipment, such as your personal data, the recipient's, and the destination address, and the company will take care of it. In addition, you can check the status of your Fastway packages at any time.

How long does it take for Fastway couriers to deliver?

Fastway shipping time will depend on the destination where the package is going. Generally, shipments sent within Ireland to other regions of the country take 1-2 business days to be delivered. On the other hand, packages that are addressed to England, Scotland, or Wales are delivered within 3-5 business days. All packages, wherever they go are delivered to the recipient, ensuring a satisfactory delivery.

Is Fastway part of Australia Post?

A couple of years ago Fastway Couriers entered into a partnership with another logistics and transport company, Australia Post. The intention of this alliance is to target a global e-commerce market and break down the barriers it imposes.
The directors of both companies agreed that the partnership between Fastway Couriers and Australia Post will allow them to grow the e-commerce market in Australia, enabling them to process larger volumes of inbound and outbound parcels, particularly to benefit new small domestic businesses.

What happens if I miss my Fastway delivery?

In the event that you have missed your Fastway delivery, the company will attempt to deliver again on the next business day. In the event that a package does not require a signature to be left at the destination, the carrier will leave the package in a secure location at the entrance and the recipient will be notified via a phone call.
In case you know you will not be home at the time of delivery, you can leave an Exit Authorization and indicate the area where you want your package to be left, either somewhere on the front porch, or at a neighbor's house. Please note that all Fastway packages that require a POD will not be left anywhere and must be signed for upon personal delivery.

Will Fastway deliver to a post office?

If for some reason outside of the Fastway company, your package cannot be personally delivered, the Courier service of the same company will contact you to come up with a solution that benefits both of you. Fastway can leave the package in an office for its clients to pick up after having agreed with the client directly. However, Fastway commitment is to make every effort to deliver personally as soon as possible. The best option in case the package has not been delivered to you on the day of delivery is to wait until the next business day for the same company to take it back to your address.

Can I collect my parcel from Fastway?

In case you prefer to pick up your packages personally at the company's depots you can do so without any problem. Simply make sure the package is already at the depot by tracking it online, verify the depot opening and pick-up times, and have a photo ID as well as the receipt or label to pick up your package.

Does Fastway deliver on Saturdays?

Fastway works five days a week, Monday through Friday. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays do not count as working days.

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