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Created in 1974, BPost, also known under the name Belgian Post Group, is responsible for the mail and parcel delivery in Belgium mainly and also internationally. Headquartered in Brussels, the country capital, BPost proposes other services such as banking, electronic, insurance and courier services.
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Magyar Posta

Founded in 1867, Magyar Posta is the postal service of Hungary. Headquartered in the capital of the country Budapest, Magyar Posta offers logistics, marketing and banking services besides mail delivery services. Today, the company owns more than 2600 service points throughout the country.
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Chronopost is today the french leader in express delivery with a network of 9,700 local pick up points in France and 36,000 in Europe. Member of the famous french group La Poste, Chronopost proposes different types of delivery services in France and internationally for more than 30 years.
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Česká pošta

Founded in 1918 under the name Československá pošta, Česká pošta has its current name since 1993. Also called Czech Post in English, the state-owned company headquartered in Prague delivers parcels and letters in the Czech Republic and in other countries. There are over 30.000 employees working for Ceska Posta today.
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Founded in 1947, Ukrposhta, also known under the name Ukrainian Postal Service, offers postal services in Ukraine. Since its creation, Ukrposhta is a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) and one of the largest companies in Ukraine today. The company proposes its service to the national territory and abroad.
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Founded in 2009 PostNord is the postal service of Sweden. Actually, the company is a result of the fusion between Posten AB (the courier company of Sweden) the majority shareholder with 60% and Post Danmark (the organization in charge of the postal service in Denmark) the second shareholder with 40%.
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Cyprus Post

Cyprus Post is a state-owned company ensuring the postal service in Cyprus. Cyprus Post proposes to its customers a wide range of services such as the transportation, distribution and delivery of letters, registered letters, parcels or again money orders. Cyprus Post owns more than 50 postal offices within the country.
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Lietuvos Pastas

Lietuvos Paštas is a public limited company created in 1918, it is the official postal service of Lithuania. Lietuvos Paštas offers postal services and also innovative management solutions such as courier and financial intermediation services. Today the company is used by 800,000 customers each month.
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An Post

Founded in 1984, An Post is the company in charge of the postal services in the Republic of Ireland. The state-owned company deserves Ireland principally but also proposes its different types of services worldwide such as parcel and letter deliveries, express postal services, or again financial services.
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Swiss Post

Swiss Post is the national postal service of Switzerland, owned and managed by the Swiss Confederation. Created in 1849 in Bern, the company provides domestic and international services for both individuals and companies. Swiss Post is today Switzerland's second largest employer.
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Poșta Română

Created in 1862, Posta Romana is the official provider of postal services in Romania. The organization is the only universal service company present in the country and the only postal service too. Posta Romana delivers parcels and letters internationally in more than 190 different countries.
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Poste Italiane

Founded in 1862, Poste Italiane is the official postal service in charge of letters and parcels delivery in Italy. Poste Italiane is a state-owned company that also delivers internationally and that proposes communication, financial, logistics and insurance services in addition to its basic postal services.
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La Poste

La Poste is a french postal service company created in 1991. The company is owned by the french group La Poste which also owned an insurance and a bank company called La Banque Postale, a logistics service, Geopost and a network operator, La Poste Mobile. Today, the parcel delivery activity at La Poste is on rise.
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Founded in 2011, TNT is a dutch courier company offering road and also air delivery services in Europe, in Asia Pacific, in America, in the Middle East and in Africa. TNT stands for Thomas Nationwide Transport, the original name of the company created in 1946 after the second world war.
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Parcelforce is an english courier officially named Royal Mail Group. Created in 1992, Parcelforce is a company delivering worldwide by using its international partners network. Parcelforce offers a wide range of delivery options, adapted to both companies and individuals as needed.
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GLS (General Logistics System) is a logistics courier company based in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Founded in 1999, the company specialized in the shipment and distribution of packages at an international level, covering most of the EU countries and actually expanding to the US.
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DPD is a french parcel delivery company created in 1999. The company is part of the DPDgroup, where DPD stands for Dynamic Parcel Distribution. Today, DPD is the second largest parcel delivery network in Europe and tries more and more to be present on the intercontinental market.
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Russian Post

Russian Post, also called “Pochta Rossii” is the national postal operator in Russia. Created in 2002, the company delivers mails and parcels in Russia and also internationally. Today, Russian Post is one of the most important companies in Russia, employing about 390,000 people.
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Posti is the leading postal and logistics service company in Finland. They manage the flow of everyday life of our customers by offering a broad range of postal, logistics, freight and e-commerce services.
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PostNL is a dutch mail and parcel corporation founded in 1998. Today, PostNL is the premier company in the delivery of post and parcels in the Netherlands and operates also in Germany, in the United-Kingdom, in Italy and in Belgium. About 46,000 people are working for PostNL today.
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Royal Mail

A UK designated universal postal service provider founded in 1516 and provides postal service, parcel, EMS, delivery and freight forwarding. - Royal Mail UK operates to support customers, businesses as well as the communities to make first class deliveries.
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Georgian Post

The Georgian Post is a member of the UPU and PostEurope international postal unions.
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Deutsche Post

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Bonn, Deutsche Post is a german postal company that operates under the name Deutsche Post DHL Group. Deutsche Post is the world and Europe’s biggest courier company today and the Express division of Deutsche Post (DHL) is present in more than 220 countries.
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Founded in 1716 and also known under the name Sociedad Estatal de Correos y Telégrafos, Correos is the official postal service of Spain. Today Correos is one of the most important state-owned companies in the country and delivers packages in Spain but also in other countries of the world.
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Hellenic Post

Headquartered in Athens and originally founded as an organization in 1828, Hellenic Post has been the company provider of postal services in Greece since 1970. Hellenic Post proposes a wide range of services: letter post, parcel delivery, freight forwarding, third-party logistics and also uses EMS for the deliveries.
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Correios de Portugal also called CTT (Correios, Telégrafos e Telefones) was founded a long time ago, in 1520, by King Manuel I of Portugal. The company operates today nationally and internationally by taking care of the postal service of Portugal. CTT is one of the oldest companies still working in the country.
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Officially founded in 1995, Belposhta is the company offering postal service in Belarus. Headquartered in the capital Minsk, Belposhta has been a member of the Universal Postal Union since 1947 and proposes a variety of services such as letters and parcels mailing, money orders, or again express mail service.
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Österreichische Post

Created in 1999, Österreichische Post is the official postal company of Austria.The company proposes different kinds of service such as letters and parcels deliveries, administration of correspondence for print media, correspondence for companies and large institutions and many others.
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Pošta Srbije

Created in 1840, Pošta Srbije is the official postal service of Serbia. The state-owned company is headquartered in Belgrade, the capital city of the country and has over 1500 offices throughout Serbia today. Pošta Srbije also proposes financial services besides letters and parcels delivery.
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