Eswatini Post tracking

Eswatini Post tracking

The Eswatini Post was founded in 1986 when the Swaziland Post and Telecommunications Corporation was established under Act No. 11 of 1983 under the acronym SPTC; operating under the direction of the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of that country.
It is a Class A public corporation, which under the Public Enterprises and Surveillance Act No. 8 of 1989 classifies it as a government-owned body.
This organization operates with two main business units known as Eswatini Telecom and EswanitiPost.
Today, the company has 33 points of sale and 69 agencies, with which it provides its services in all areas of Eswatini, including the most remote ones.

What is Eswatini Post?

Also known today under the acronym Eswatini Post, the Eswatini Post defines itself as a parastatal company with direct dependence on the Ministry of Information, Communications, and Technology. It has four units among which are EswatiniPost, EswatiniTelecom, Phutfumani, and
EswatiniPost is the unit in charge of promoting all postal services. It has a modern Delivery service Eswatini Post of different postal products such as letters, packages, documents. The company also offers mailbox services, transportation insurance, customs clearance and has its own Eswatini Post tracking service valid anywhere in the world.
The interesting thing about this company is that due to its operation with four units, it has been able to diversify itself by providing services on behalf of other suppliers, such as Eswatini Electricity company or Eswatini Television Authority; Eswatini Water Service Corporation or Eswatini Telecom.
From their offices, they sell contracts and manage all kinds of payments linked to the above-mentioned companies.

How do I track my package from the Eswatini Post?

Eswaniti Post offers its customers an efficient Eswatini Post tracking service to give them peace of mind knowing where their parcel from the Eswatini Post is.
Each customer must have the Eswatini Post tracking number that can be generated either at the end of the service contract, through the system itself, or can be sent to you by email. This is the main method to perform the correct Eswatini Post tracking.

Does the Eswatini Post ship worldwide?

Through its service Phutumani, Eswatini Post offers to all its customers the national and international Delivery service Eswatini Post. Customers have the option to organize and schedule pick-ups and deliveries. Those who prefer to do so can leave their shipments at Phutfumani Couriers points or at the nearest Eswatini Post office to send a package with Eswatini Post.
If you wish to know in detail the destinations covered by this postal company in its International Delivery Service Eswatini Post, we recommend that you enter the Eswatini Post Post website and check if the country of your interest is listed. This way, you will have more security to process your request and you will know the steps to generate the Eswatini Post tracking number that will help you keep up to date with the movements and progress of the shipment through the Eswatini Post tracking.
This process will become effective once you have completed your Delivery service Eswatini Post request by paying for it and from then on, you will be able to do the Eswatini Post tracking from start to finish.
In this sense, Eswatini Post has extended its Eswatini Post tracking service for ordinary deliveries of letters and parcels. For only E10.00, each customer will be able to do the Eswatini Post tracking online from the moment of publication until they are received by the company.
Customers will always know where their parcel from the Eswatini Post is and as soon as it arrives at Eswatini Post, they will have it delivered to their home, with their door-to-door service.

Is the Eswatini Post delivery fast?

Shipments are usually conditioned by the service contracted and the final destination and more importantly, by the characteristics of the postal product on size and weight. For this reason, we invite you to visit the Eswatini Post website to learn more about the shipping time of Eswatini Post.
However, regarding international deliveries, each customer must take into consideration the existence of factors that in one way or another may affect the Eswatini Post shipping time. These can be customs procedures in the destination country, weather conditions, and social situations, among others.
In any case, it will be very positive for you to verify the shipping time of Eswatini Post from the website because they will be able to offer you a more realistic picture of Eswatini Post delivery time.
The good news is that every Eswatini Post customer will always be able to perform Eswatini Post tracking, so you should never be too concerned about the fate of your parcel from the Eswatini Post.

Is the Eswatini Post expensive?

The wide variety of options in the postal services provided by Eswatini Post extends the range of Eswatini Post shipping costs. However, what you should always keep in mind is that these costs are generally determined by the weight of your package and the destination, either domestic or international.
Eswatini Post shipping costs can be found classified by a guide cost, which takes as a reference the minimum weight allowed and will be extended in range until reaching the maximum weight. That is, this cost must always be multiplied taking into account the real weight of your package
Generally, these pages have a calculator that allows you to make the calculation quite easily, and the best thing is that it integrates all the factors that are necessary such as the destination, characteristics of the postal product and service contracted: Express, ordinary, air, etc.
If you are thinking of sending a package with Eswatini Post, we invite you to visit their website to learn more about the Eswatini Post prices and to verify from there all the advantages that they offer, among which the Eswatini Post tracking service stands out.

How do I contact the Eswatini Post?

In case you require any kind of help or advice, Eswatini Post makes available to all its customers the following Eswatini Post contact number 25052000, where its service team will be available to provide you with all the support you may need.
In case you require more precise information than that provided in this article, we invite you to visit the Eswatini Post website, through the following link 
Your postal products will be in good hands with the Delivery service Eswatini Post.

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