Epacket tracking

Epacket tracking


What is an ePacket parcel?

More and more, we are hearing the word ePacket, ePacket shipping, and ePacket delivery. Indeed, as businesses worldwide are turning to online sales to widen their customer base and increase their products reach, ePacket shipping has become an increasingly important delivery option for those products. Online marketplaces and eCommerce merchants especially, need to keep up to date with worldwide ePacket delivery choices to keep their customers happy, and equally, customers should stay informed about ePacket shipping options for their international orders.

The term ePacket was originally founded through an agreement between countries, to allow shop owners and businesses to capitalize on a competitive advantage over other available shipping options. Considering the number of products that are made in China and bought through eCommerce websites, it's no wonder why ePackets have become so popular as a way to get products shipped from China.

Alibaba and BangGood are just some examples of websites that offer ePacket shipping to customers. If you want to know more about ePacket parcel shipment and ePacket parcel delivery, then find everything you need to know below.

What does the term ePacket mean?

In short, an ePacket is the term for a shipping option which is offered by third-party logistics companies in China. However, more than this, the term ePacket means faster and more efficient small and medium parcel delivery.

Before ePackets, China EMS was the only option for cheap shipping of consumer products worldwide. However, EMS has been known to take up to and over a month for deliveries, especially to more remote destinations.

This led to the creation of the ePacket, which was designed specifically to offer a fast-track shipping between countries in place of other forms of shipping, which have typically been a lot slower. The ePacket service is yet another symbol of the rapidly developing shipping sector and the growing demand for faster shipping methods on international purchases by both consumers and sellers.

Sellers are especially likely to send orders through the ePacket service as any mail which is undeliverable is returned for free as well. This means that merchants have no problem refunding customers as they receive their items back.

Do ePackets need to be a certain size?

The ePacket delivery shipping service has a few restrictions as far as how much it can weigh and what the maximum value of the package can be. To ship with the ePacket service, the package cannot exceed a weight of 4.4 pounds - or 2 kg - and the contents of the ePacket must not be over the value of $400.

The destination country for your ePacket will also have some restrictions regarding the dimensions and valuation of your package, so it is important to check before sending an ePacket. For instance, although your parcel could be less than the maximum valuation allowed for ePackets, it could be more than the accepted value of the destination country regarding import. In this case, you may be liable to pay import tax on the shipment.

Where can I track my ePacket shipment?

You can track your parcel through the many handlers it is likely to pass through with Ship24, the universal tracking website. Simply enter the tracking number on the homepage via the tracking bar (you can't miss it) and begin global tracking instantly.

Will my ePacket be handed over in the destination country?

Your ePacket delivery will be handled by a local or national country in the destination country, such as USPS, and Canada Post in north America, or Royal Mail and La Poste in Europe.

People using the ePacket should also note that each carrier will have its own fees and package requirements.

Does ePacket shipping change handlers?

There are a number of carriers in China who handle ePacket delivery. They usually are only involved as an ePacket parcel forwarding service, meaning they handle the ePacket package during the start of its journey, and it is finished by other partner couriers and logistics companies towards the final destination.

To track your ePacket successfully, even if it passes through a number of couriers on the way to its destination, use Ship24 universal tracking.

Does the ePacket service deliver to your address?

While ePacket delivery offers many global shipping options, the service is designed to cover the journey to customs at your destination country, and usually, your package or parcel will be then handled by another courier to complete the final part of its journey. The ePacket service also and doesn't guarantee a delivery time because it is handed over.

Where can ePackets be shipped too?

Over 40 countries currently accept ePacket deliveries. Indeed, more and more countries are beginning to accept ePackets because of the efficiency and economic stimulus it provides. Check with your chosen destination to find out if they accept ePacket parcels.

How long do ePackets take to deliver?

On average, an ePacket can take around 15 days. The average time for an ePacket traveling from China to the United States is between 10 and 20 days.

Ultimately, it depends on the shipping destination, with more obscure or remote countries which are less serviced by couriers taking longer. Destinations closer to China, such as within Asia, can also experience shorter ePacket shipping times. Your ePacket will be handled by a local courier when it arrives in the country of destination, therefore it will also depend on the carrier who handles the package at that point.

To keep up to date with events on your package as it progresses, use the Ship24 tracking tool, which has the ability to track nearly one thousand different couriers at the same time, meaning you can keep on track with your parcels progress even when it is handed over.

How can I track an ePacket?

Tracking ePacket shipping is simple, with the one-stop-shop for tracking, Ship24. Ship24 tracks lots of different couriers simultaneously, meaning as your ePacket passes from courier to courier, you will still be notified of its current handler, location, and status as close to real-time as possible. As soon as Ship24 knows, you'll know!

To track your package, head to the Ship24 website and enter your tracking number. It's as easy as that!

Will the customer have to pay customs/duties/taxes with ePacket shipping?

Users of ePacket delivery services should note that the usual shipping restrictions apply because ePackets still go through customs clearances. This also means that ePackets must adhere to import tax if the ePacket contains items that are valued higher than the maximum import value in the destination country. If your epacket parcel does contain an item or items which are higher than this threshold, then you or the recipient will need to pay import tax on the order. It is always advisable to check with the local laws to see what potential duties/tax could be applied to your parcel, especially if it is of high value. You can also ask the merchant where possible, as they may have a good idea of the shipping cost. Alternatively, you can head to our Ship from China page, which has a list of countries that accepted maximum import values.

What are the advantages of using the ePacket service?

The main advantage of the ePacket service is the fast and efficient delivery of parcels internationally. This is why it is chosen by merchants and customers alike. It also offers returns on undeliverable orders, which makes it more attractive to use for sellers.

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