CTT Express (Tourline Express) tracking

CTT Express (Tourline Express) tracking

Created in 1996, CTT Express is a multinational company based in Europe providing express transport services worldwide. In 2020, CTT Expresso in Portugal and Tourline Express merged together to create CTT Express, a company that is now one of the leading express parcel delivery services within the Iberian region.

What is CTT Express?

CTT Express, formally known as Tourline Express or Antes Tourline, is the express arm of the Portuguese postal service Correios de Portugal (CTT), which was originally launched in 1996.

CTT Express manages and operates Express postal and parcel delivery services both domestically and internationally. Since its foundation, the company has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to big investments into package processing efficiency and network improvements, allowing it to offer fast delivery turnarounds on packages worldwide.

In fact, CTT Express has developed one of the leading Express delivery services originating in Europe. The company today manages large volumes of packages both inbound and outbound from Europe, especially from Spain and Portugal. CTT Express ships by land, air, and sea, with the most used form of transportation used by CTT Express are through the air due to it being the speediest delivery method.

Notably, CTT Expresso has particularly benefited from its investment in distribution management, employing the use of artificial intelligence algorithms that track the progress of parcels internationally. This, in turn, has given it the ability to manage parcel shipping processes more efficiently, which is not only good for CTT Express customers as it means secure, controlled and faster delivery but it also has allowed CTT Express to pass on the savings made through more efficient parcel delivery to customers, offering very competitive rates of delivery services in comparison to its biggest competitors, such as DHL, GEODIS ESPACE and DPD.

Since its foundation, CTT Express has established a serious commitment to developing and investing in modern technologies and tools that help to provide services with the best possible quality. For this reason, as of 2020, the company is experiencing a resurgence of major corporate bases. In fact, in 2020, the company was recognized as the company with the best infrastructure for transport, shipping, and parcel delivery in the Iberian region, between Spain and Portugal.

Are CTT Express and Correios de Portugal the same thing?

Correios de Portugal CTT offers urgent mail and parcel delivery through its CTT Express, Tourline and Corre brand names. CTT Express is by far the most internationally recognised of these sub-brands, especially because it shares the CTT abbreviation in its name and has therefore inherited the recognition which comes with the long-established CTT postal service.

First established some 500 years ago, Correios de Portugal first adopted the CTT acronym in the 1800s, adopting its famous horse and rider logo (which has undergone a series of redesigns but the main features of which have remained the same) around 50 years later.

When first established CTT only handled domestic document delivery, however, increasing demand for international delivery of parcels, most recently boosted by the digital and subsequent e-commerce explosion, has meant CTT needed to compete with other competitors which are offering super-quick turnaround on delivery from countries as far away from Portugal as China and Japan.

How does CTT Express work?

CTT Express provides a speedy domestic and international mail service parcel for those who need timeframe guaranteed delivery on packages between locations. For this reason, CTT Express is especially used by businesses, such as merchants involved with eCommerce, either in business to business or business to consumer transactions. However, it is still used by individuals shipping to friends and relatives just the same, but who wish to see them receive their parcel as soon as possible.

CTT Express has designed its company in a way that ensures it has the most efficient form of package delivery, by improving its logistical solutions at every stage of the handling of a parcel. Rather than pursue this endeavour by building 1,000s more warehouse processing centres and parcel forwarding points or adding huge numbers of new vehicles to its fleet in a considerable and potentially uneconomical way, CTT Express works in partnership with many other logistics solutions providers, utilizing processing centres and warehouses owned by multiple operators as well as other delivery partners or last-time local couriers as part of its delivery operations.

While this does help CTT Express deliver faster, it can make tracking s CTT Express parcels more difficult if it is being handled at various points by third party companies. This is where Ship24 comes in to help. Ship24 tracks and traces thousands of online handlers involved in your order all at the same time, which means that with Ship24 you are more likely to be able to get the latest information on your parcel regardless of who the handler is.

You can do all this for free on the Ship24 website using just your CTT Express tracking number. Once you receive your CTT Express tracking code, head to the Ship24 website and begin tracking any CTT Express parcel instantly, without even having to sign in or make an account.

How do I track a CTT Express parcel?

You can access CTT Express tracking on the official CTT Express website. However, Ship24 offers numerous benefits over tracking directly with CTT which are explained below.

While CTT Express will be in control of shipping where it has the operational capacity, international deliveries made with CTT Express use third-party services. It is this reliance on logistics partners that makes tracking a CTT Express parcel best done on Ship24, the universal shipment tracking platform.

This will ensure you can continue to track your parcel no matter which company handles it or takes over delivery along its journey worldwide. Ship24 delivers 100% of delivery notifications as soon as possible, meaning you'll never be left in the dark when it comes to your CTT Express package.

Does CTT Express have international tracking?

Depending on what CTT Express service you have acquired, a tracking number will be provided to you, especially for international services. To find the tracking number, check the shipping label or the email address or phone number that you have provided. With the tracking number, you can use it to track the current status of your international parcel.

Ship24 is the best place to track your parcel since it has auto courier detection where all you have to do is paste the tracking number on the homepage and it will give you real-time events on where and when your international parcel is going to arrive.

Will CTT Express handle my package securely?

CTT Express delivery offers various guarantees regarding the security of the packages they handle, as well as insurance options on registered mail should they be required.

The company CTT Express has a policy on refunds in case there is a loss of the package and returns in case damage is affected on to a parcel under their care.

How to cancel a shipment on CTT Express?

A CTT Express shipment can be cancelled through a number of different means. Firstly, you can go directly to a CTT Express office, to place a request for the cancellation of a shipment. Users can also request a cancellation by e-mail or by contacting the relevant departments by phone. You can also contact CTT Express directly through the website, however, there are a limited number of languages the website can be accessed on.

What do CTT Express tracking numbers look like?

A CTT Express tracking number will be composed of anywhere between 13 and 22 digits, which are electronically recorded next to the barcode on the package. An example is written below:

  • "TCE473D1X3754009839".

Tracking numbers will vary between the different countries they are created in. For instance, CTT Express tracking numbers originating in Spain will typically be composed of 22 digits. CTT Express tracking numbers created in Portugal will usually be composed of 13 characters, of which there will generally be 4 letters and 9 numbers. These CTT Express tracking numbers will only be obtained once shipping has been purchased and the payment has been confirmed. The CTT Express tracking number is unique to each parcel, ensuring the customer's data is protected with all personal information encrypted into the tracking ID.

A CTT Express tracking number not only allows for faster and more efficient tracking and tracing of packages but is also designed to ensure a more secure journey of a parcel. Using this tracking number on Ship24 allows users to locate their packages at any time and obtain all tracking information up to that point.

It is also important to remember that CTT Express tracking numbers are designed in such a way as to make it easy for your CTT Express packages to be located quickly. A CTT Express tracking number can be used on the Ship24 universal tracking website to find all the information on your parcel's location and status, with just the click of a button.

How long does CTT Express shipping take?

CTT Express shipping time is very competitive, especially on deliveries across Europe. In fact, for domestic deliveries and deliveries to countries that lie within the Iberian region, premium CTT Express delivery services can see items delivered in as little as 12 hours or half a day!

Of course, CTT Express delivery times will depend on customer preference and budget, with faster delivery services naturally costing more money than slow ones.

Furthermore, the size and weight of a package and the final destination could also be a factor in delivery turnaround. However, when you enter your information on the CTT Express website or when calling them, they will be able to give you a guaranteed delivery timeframe depending on the aforementioned factors.

Below, you can find some of the CTT Express average delivery times for various countries around the world.

Average CTT Delivery Times for Different Countries

  • For deliveries in Spain, Portugal, and the rest of the islands belonging to the Iberian region, the approximate delivery time is 2 to 3 days. With the use of premium services, the approximate delivery time is 12 to 24 hours. Also, the company offers Saturday delivery in some of these areas. (Some exceptions may occur, such as bank holidays or national holidays, always check with CTT Express to make sure).
  • For deliveries to European countries, the approximate delivery time is 3 to 4 days.
  • For deliveries to countries in North America, Central America, and South America, such as the United States or Brazil, the approximate delivery time is 5 to 7 days.
  • For countries on the African continent, such as South Africa, the delivery time is approximately 4 to 7 days.
  • To countries in the Middle East, the approximate delivery time is 5 to 9 days.
  • To countries in Asia, such as China or India, the approximate delivery time is 6 to 8 days, which is the longest delivery time of all the CTT Express serviced destinations.

Always bear in mind that sometimes CTT Express cannot be held responsible for delays to deliveries where circumstances are uncontrollable, should as in freak accidents, weather conditions that make transportation dangerous, global or in-country crises such as pandemics or strikes, and so on.

CTT Express also offers a range of other services at the request of the customer, including insurance options, refund services, direct-to-home delivery services, and many more. Check with CTT Express to see which are available to you as per your individual parcel's specifications and destination.

Tracking a CTT Express package internationally can be done on the Ship24 website for free, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, with just your CTT Express tracking ID which you will receive either directly or from a seller. If you purchased an item from an online merchant or marketplace and they choose to ship it to you with CTT Express they will receive it and should send it to you.

Does CTT Express deliver to the USA?

Yes. Correios de Portugal Express or CTT Express has the international delivery capability, with a range of services depending on the specifics of your parcel and its country of destination.

However, buyers should note that global delivery purchased with CTT Express will often mean that your parcel is handled by another company for part of its journey. While CTT Express will almost certainly deal with the dispatch of a package from where it has the significant operational capacity, such as in Spain or Portugal, it will not necessarily be the company that delivers it to its final address.

For this reason, if you are using CTT Express make sure you are shipping with a shipment tracking system that scans as many handlers as possible to find your parcel. While CTT Express tracking only covers its immediate service, Ship24 tracks thousands of handlers, logistic companies, freight forwarders and more, to find the latest information on a parcel.

Never worry about where or how to track a package again, whether sending with CTT Express or otherwise, just head to Ship24 with your tracking number and enjoy universal tracking whenever you should need it. If you are a business and need an enhanced tracking API or tracking webhook services from Ship24, check them out today, and take your tracking capability to another level.

Is it better to track with Ship24 or CTT Express?

The best way of tracking a CTT Express package is with Ship24 because it provides universal, end-to-end coverage. Remove the worry of having to track your parcels on multiple websites along their journey and get all your tracking in one place, for free. Ship24 provides the closest to real-time possible updates on your parcel, no matter who is handling it. The comprehensive tracking tool also delivers 100 per cent of tracking event updates, so you won't miss a trick.

Ship24 tracks not just CTT Express parcels but thousands of other logistics partners worldwide, all at the same time. That's why millions are choosing to track from the single, familiar, and reliable tracking that Ship24 provides.

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