What is the national postal service in Mexico called Correos de Mexico?

Also known as Sepomex, Correos de Mexico is the main branch of packages delivery and documents to both inside and outside of the country, beginning its large mail tradition since the year 1580, evolving its delivery services and strategies, from communicating with the royalty of Spain to the postal and shipping global network that it is today.
The main job of the office at the time used to be a link between the two continents, connecting the colonies with Spain. The Post Ordinances of 1762, established the use of "mailboxes", placed in all the paths and sidewalks of the different postal routes.
In 1901, the Post office acquired the rank of General Post Office. On February 17, 1907, the President of Mexico Porfirio Díaz founded the Postal Palace, also known as the "Fifth Post Office".
On August 20, 1986, by presidential decree, the decentralized body called the Mexican Postal Service was created to modernize operational and administrative practices in search of greater productivity in the provision of communication services. In this way, the Agency acquires legal personality and its own assets and also becomes part of the parastatal public administration.
Correos de Mexico managed to establish itself among the biggest courier companies, with the creation of the Mexpost module of transportation, which integrates the essential services of shipping to both inside and outside of Mexico. This is managed with a variety of contracts with carriers that ensure the integrity and delivery of Correos de Mexico ́s parcels.
Thanks to this alliance with the previously mentioned carrier companies, Correos de Mexico, with its Mexpost tracking system that had been functioning from recent years, it is possible to ensure the integrity, security, and fast arrival of any designated parcel to its destination, no matter the area of the country it goes to, the Correos de Mexico tracking service guarantees the safe delivery of your mail.

How to track a package in Correos de Mexico?

Sending a package to another place, be it inside of Mexico or to another country, there is the possibility of a loss or issue regarding the shipping. In order to deal with these potential problems, the commercial agent will provide the client with a Correos de Mexico tracking number, which will be the direct link with the parcel, allowing the client to maintain close surveillance of the current status of it, ensuring its safety.
There are many options for getting information about postal shipping, information that can be accessed through the Sepomex tracking option available on the Correos de Mexico website, or by getting in contact with the support staff of Correos de Mexico. Depending on the country where the parcel will be sent to, the shipping fees will vary from country to country.
The client will be constantly notified of any new development that arises the moment a parcel is being shipped to its destination, thanks to the information provided by the client, solving any potential issue, such as a mistake in the destination address, or problems communicating with the receiver of the parcel at the moment of its arrival.

How much shipping by Correos de Mexico cost?

When you plan on sending a package or document to a specific address, be it inside or outside of Mexico, you should gather enough information in order to ensure an efficient and cost friendly shipping option. For this situation, Correos de Mexico has a cost calculator on the website, where the client can type the specifications of the package or document, the commercial value of the parcel, and the destination. Then, the calculator will display the estimated cost of the shipping and date of arrival.
The average cost of a parcel transported to a city inside of Mexico is 10 dollars, while the average price for international shipping will cost a minimum of 50 dollars, depending on the size and weight of the package and distance of the destination address.
There is a special contract that can be acquired by companies, which can give the benefit of a certain amount of parcels with the Sepomex free shipping service for the employees of the contract company.

Where does Correos de Mexico ship?

Correos de Mexico is one of the main companies in the country to ship not only inside of Mexico but to most of the countries of the world allied with the main carriers associated with it. Correos de Mexico can send documents and packages to all the continents of the world, with the first destination of the carrier being the main countries of each continent, to later transport the parcel to its final destination address, which can be easily tracked thanks to the Sepomex tracking system.

What days does Correos de Mexico work?

Correos de Mexico has a working schedule from Monday to Saturday, widening the possibilities for the shipping and delivery of any parcel. You can check your Correos de Mexico tracking information via phone inside the working schedule, where you will be assisted with all the information you require.
There is also the possibility, thanks to the alliance with big courier companies, to get your package even on Saturdays. This depends on the Mexpost tracking information you receive after acquiring the postal service.

How to contact Correos de Mexico?

Correos de Mexico offers different platforms of communication with the customer, be it by phone or email. When contacting the call center support staff, you can check the status of your package with the Sepomex tracking number, which will allow them to help you with any extra information that may be required from the client in order to ensure the safe delivery of the package.
There is also the benefit of being contacted by the company, using the information you provided on your MexPost international shipping form, which will allow them to get in touch with the destination address in case the receptor isn't home to sign and receive it, rescheduling another delivery attempt the next day.

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