Correios de Macau tracking

Correios de Macau tracking

Macau's postal system has a long history dating back to 1884 when it started as the Post, Telegraph, and Telephone Office (CTT). Since then, what used to be the old telegraph and telephone office has been changing and innovating its communication systems, becoming the current Post and Telecommunication Company of the country. Correios de Macau delivery service ships different types of postal services and parcels throughout the country and in different countries of the world.

What is Correios de Macau?

Correios de Macau is the company in charge of regulating, supervising, promoting, and directing all activities and services related to the correspondence and telecommunications sector throughout the national territory of Macau. The company also operates as a credit institution by offering an electronic payment platform for different services in the country.
The company has a good administration and work team in charge of guaranteeing postal services with the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction. They also implement innovative tools and systems that allow them to have a better operation inside and outside the country, to make all the Correios de Macau packages arrive as quickly as possible.
Among the postal services offered by Correios de Macau, they make sure to guarantee all operations related to postal traffic, as well as universal postal services, electronic certification, and electronic postal services governed by the guidelines and regulations of the Universal Postal Union.
On the other hand, Correios de Macau has the Communications Museum. A place where citizens and tourists can learn about the history and nature of the old postal systems, as well as philately and general telecommunications knowledge.

How do I track a package from Correios de Macau?

Tracking a package is very simple and you can do it at any time and from any place with internet access. You just have to go to the company's official website and search for Correios de Macau tracking. In that section, you will find a field where you must enter the postal item ID, which must be composed of 13 alphanumeric characters, and validation code to verify that you are not a robot. Once you have entered the data, the platform will show you the location or status of your package in real-time.
Whether you want to track a domestic or international package, just have your Correios de Macau tracking number available and perform the tracking. Wherever your package is, even if it has already been picked up or delivered, it will be reflected on the screen. In case you cannot enter the official site to make the tracking, you can know the status of your package from our platform using the same tracking ID.

Does Correios de Macau deliver Internationally?

Indeed, the postal company offers the delivery of its services in a large national and international network which connects to many countries around the world. They mainly ship packages to China and Taiwan, as well as other Asian countries. But these divide all the countries they send to by Zones. Zone 1 covers Asian countries such as the Philippines, South Korea, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. 
Zone 2 covers many countries on different continents, both European and American. In this zone, you will find Australia, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Spain, the United States, and many more. Finally, in Zone 3 are the rest of the UPU member countries, except China and Taiwan.

How long does Correios de Macau take to deliver?

Correios de Macau delivery time may depend on the area the package is going to. However, the company makes sure to meet record delivery times so that all its customers maintain full-time satisfaction. National delivery takes 1 or 2 days, depending on the region of the country they are going to, while international shipments can vary between 5-10 working days until they reach their destination.
Correios de Macau delivery times are within the average of other international postal companies. In addition, it is necessary to consider that there are restrictions and customs regulations that packages must undergo in order to pass from one country to another, and this could delay delivery. However, most customers have not had any complaints or problems with the delivery of their packages inside and outside the country.

What are Correios de Macau shipping costs?

Correios de Macau shipping costs vary depending on the weight, the means of transport, the type of service, and the destination. Postal services are priced according to weight. Postcards weighing less than or equal to 20g are priced at 2.5 MOP ($0.31), this is the minimum rate, while those weighing between 500g and 1000g cost 21 MOP ($2.63). This is actually a fairly inexpensive service that anyone can access.
The other Correios de Macau packages that need to be sent by boat or airplane can have an average minimum price of 10 MOP ($1.25) and other packages can reach 850 MOP ($106) depending on the weight and the destination they go to. Also, on the company's website, you can find a price calculator to get an estimate of how much shipping your package might cost.

How can I contact Correios de Macau?

To make any inquiry about the different services offered by Correios de Macau, make suggestions about the operation of postal services, make a claim or simply want to know more about the company, you can contact them through different ways.
On the official website, you can find all the detailed information about the services, rates and much more. Right there, you can fill out a form, entering some requested data to issue any opinion. If you wish you can communicate directly through the telephone line, +853 2857 4491, or through some of the company's emails.
On the same website, you will find all the telephone numbers of the different branches, as well as their addresses. You can also find the different emails of the different departments that make up the company, so if you need to communicate, you can do it directly to the respective email according to your request.  They will gladly receive your request, process it and you will receive an answer in a short time.

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