Colis Prive tracking

Colis Prive tracking

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France is a beautiful place full of many monuments and attractions that delight its inhabitants and all those who visit it. For many organizations and companies in the country to operate efficiently and provide quality services, it is necessary to have a logistics company that meets the requirements of each. For this purpose, there is Colis Privé, one of the most efficient email and parcel companies in the country. It was acquired by Amazon in 2016 but continues to operate as an independent company providing Colis Privé packages to all its customers.

Colis Prive package tracking

What is Colis Privé?

Colis Privé is a correspondence and courier services company headquartered in France. Colis Privé has 3 centers nationwide, and a network of more than 80 offices distributed throughout France. This is the main company of transport and courier services, which is satisfied by fulfilling its deliveries on the same day as having left the package or the following day.
These deliveries are possible thanks to the network of 2500 subcontractors, which have been operating more than 41 million parcels throughout France. The company also relies on the e-commerce marketplace, providing state-of-the-art networks that include many other e-commerce brands.

How do I track my parcel from Colis Privé?

Like many postal service companies and carriers, Colis Privé allows you to track all packages sent through it. Colis Privé tracking is the perfect tool to know the location or status of your package wherever it goes. Tracking a package on Colis Privé is very easy. When you enter their website, in the user section, you will find the tracker on the home page.
To track your package through the website's tracker, just enter your Colis Privé tracking number and the platform will show you the information you want. You can also download the company's mobile app and track your packages from there. It is important to note that to track a Colis Privé package you must have the tracking number and the postal zone to which it is addressed. Later on, we will explain to you better how their tracking number looks like.

Is Colis Privé safe?

Colis Privé parcel shipping service is committed to offering a high-quality courier, logistics, and transport service, carrying out daily actions in a concrete way to satisfy the needs of all its customers. This is the real challenge of Colis Privé, the performance, and the quality of its services. Also, the company strives to continuously innovate and improve its services, making sure that your packages are not only delivered on time but also arrive at their destinations safely. 
Colis Privé has protocols that measure the quality of its services every month, thanks to external suppliers that perform high standard tests. Besides, EasyPost's simple shipping API allows you to optimize, automate, and gain control at all times during the process of sending your Colis Privé package. EasyPost has the Restful API that allows you to connect with over 100 operators that integrate seamlessly, allowing you to avoid many inconveniences during the shipping and delivery process.

How long does Colis Privé shipping take?

Colis privé shipping service takes up to 2 days to deliver your packages. Even home deliveries can be made the same day the order is issued.
In case the package does not fit in the mailbox of the house and you are not there at that moment, the company will return the package to the address of origin or to the person who sent it.
In any case, whether to deliver a package or to return it, Colis Privé will always notify you via SMS and emails. Through these channels you can also reschedule the delivery, in case it has been returned to the sending office. 

What do Colis Privé tracking numbers look like?

Many people find it difficult to identify the tracking number on their Colis Privé package. Or even, when tracking it, they don't know exactly what number to put in the tracker to locate the package.
It is important to mention that all Colis Privé tracking numbers have a postal code attached, either the one of the sending office or the one of the destination office. It is necessary to know both numbers to be able to track your packages satisfactorily. Whether you want to track your package through the official website from your browser, or the mobile application, it is necessary to enter your tracking code and below the zip code.
Similarly, for better visibility, examples of both codes can be displayed on the website and in the mobile app for you to correctly identify them and successfully track them.

How do I contact Colis Privé about a package?

The best option to contact Colis Privé about a package or any other information you require is to go to their official website colisprivé.fr. At this address, you can find all the information you need to know about their packages. 
In case you have any problems you can make an appointment with an authorized agent of the company by clicking on "Arrange a delivery date". You can also make queries, complaints, or suggestions from the same online platform. Colis Privé teams and staff are always ready and willing to assist you and contact the customers as quickly as possible.
You can also contact the company from your mobile application. Besides, you can track your packages wherever you are, file a complaint, or even request a new delivery date for your package. All from your mobile phone. The Colis Privé app is available for Android and iOS devices.
As an alternative, Colis Privé also has a Twitter social network account, in which they publish information, comments, suggestions, and links where their users can access different sites on their website. Through the social network, you can also find advisors willing to attend to any request simply and reliably. If you want to have contacted more instantly, you can communicate through the Colis Privé phone number 0806 000 250. For more information, in addition to the phone number, you can review their website in detail.

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