CNE Express tracking

CNE Express tracking

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What is CNE Express?

CNE Express was originally founded in 2003 with the aim of specializing in express delivery services and logistics solutions in China. The company has put significant investment into its in-house communication systems and warehouse processing facilities in order to provide an efficient delivery service, backed by a professional and industry-experienced team.

The company has since developed a Japan, Europe, and USA line which fast-track deliveries to these common destinations through an established network of reliable package delivery companies.

Today, CNE Express offers shipping quotes, parcel checking, tracking, and tailor-made logistics solutions for customer requirements. The company prides itself on providing the best service by ensuring maximum efficiency, which in turn saves time and money. The benefits of those savings are, therefore, passed on to the customer.

Indeed, CNE Express has gained trust worldwide by providing excellent customer services to the people who use CNE express delivery system. CNE Express has not only a role in the delivery of parcels, but you can also benefit from its CNE Express tracking feature and track the location of your CNE Express package at any time.

Other services provided by CNE Express include parcel storage and packaging options, especially for eCommerce-related businesses. CNE Express works in collaboration with many market-leading logistic companies around the globe, including DHL, UPS, DPD, and many national postal services, such as PostNL and PHLPost.

This article will explore some of the most commonly asked questions regarding CNE Express, including how to track a CNE Express package, where the best place for CNE Express tracking is, how CNE Express works, and so on.

CNE Express package tracking

How does CNE Express work?

CNE Express is a Chinese courier service that is part of a wider network of delivery partners who help aid the forwarding of international-level parcel delivery around the world.

CNE Express's part in this network is to pick up packages from a seller's and deliver them to the local delivery company of the destination country. The local delivery company then takes the order to the addressee/recipient.

For CNE Express package tracking, which includes visibility over parcels handled by CNE Express and also with the end delivery couriers, use Ship24. Ship24 tracks not only CNE packages 1000's of other couriers, e-tailers, and so on, meaning you won't lose track mid-way through a package's journey.

If you want to order or send a parcel with CNE Express, all you need is to visit the CNE Express website to get started.

Where is CNE Express located?

The headquarters of the company is located in Shanghai. CNE Express also has many other subsidiary branches within China.

Currently, the company is also working on providing warehousing logistic facilities to some 232 countries around the globe.

When tracking a CNE Express order, be aware that travel routes vary as per location and delivery capacity at the given time. CNE Express, much like 4PX and other parcel-forwarding companies based in China, has logistics centers, warehouses, and depots all over China, as well as overseas, meaning your CNE Express parcel could travel any number of routes through this complex and extensive forwarding logistics network.

Therefore, it is best to conduct your CNE Express package tracking with the universal, multi-courier tracking platform provided by Ship24. Ship24 tracking is simply a platform designed for the sole purpose of scanning the internet to find the latest information available for your package, whenever you need it. This is why millions use it monthly, safe in the knowledge they can do all of their trackings, whether with CNE Express or otherwise, in one place.

What are CNE Express shipping methods?

CNE express delivery system uses a variety of transportation methods to facilitate the shipment of packages worldwide. These will depend on the urgency of the delivery, with express parcels flying predominantly by the fastest method, air. CNE Express's standard shipping method is enhanced by specialist warehousing, packaging, and freight forwarding facilities which all increase the efficiency of CNE Express parcel delivery services.

How long does CNE Express take to deliver?

The CNE Express average delivery time and to the UK is around 7 to 12 days and to the US within 15 days.
CNE Express's average shipment delivery time for Germany and Canada is 10 and 14 days respectively.
However, overall, it is estimated that more than 65 percent of CNE Express orders are delivered within 3 to 11 days after the package is released from the seller.

The time which CNE express delivery takes to reach the destination point depends on the country where the CNE Express package will be delivered to. Give yourself the best possible idea of delivery times by tracking your CNE Express shipment with Ship24.

How do I track a CNE Express package?

If you have purchased an item by using CNE Express for delivery, you can track your package via a number of different methods on the CNE Express website. These will be listed below. However, if you want to track a CNE Express parcel end-to-end without logging on and off the CNE Express website, or even having to navigate it at all, simply enter your CNE Express parcel tracking number on the Ship24 website to ensure true full journey tracking on any CNE Express parcel.

If you wish to track a parcel with CNE Express directly, then follow one of the options listed below:
The first method to track your CNE Express delivery package is to use the CNE Express website. After getting on to the website, look towards the menu at the top, where you will find an option that says solutions. Click on solutions and then look for a link that says international packet tracking. Here you will be able to enter your tracking number to begin searching for your CNE Express parcel tracking information.

A slightly faster way is to go on the CNE Express homepage and click on Service support and then express tracking. You will need to enter your package tracking number again and it will bring you results on your CNE Express package.

However, the easiest method you can use is tracking via the Ship24 website. You can simply go on the Ship24 homepage and put the CNE Express tracking number in the search bar. You will just have to click enter to get all the needed information about your CNE parcel. You will see which courier is currently handling your CNE Express shipment, the real-time location of your package, and the next steps of the CNE Express delivery.

CNE Express is a logistics company dedicated to the delivery of packages ranging from small parcels to larger goods which works with many other delivery partners. This means effectively tracking your parcel is best achieved with Ship24, as it's the only tracking solution that covers multiple couriers, ensuring you never lose track when tracking.

What are CNE Express shipping costs?

CNE Express charge around 9 USD for packages weighing 500 grams or less. For packages weighing 1 kg and less, the additional weight will cost you around 4 USD more, so in total around 14 USD.

For business customers, who sell or buy heavy products from overseas, CNE Express shipping costs will be 5.85 USD per kilo.

CNE Express international shipping fees will vary with the weight and size of the package, with extra costs liable regarding import tax depending on the destination country (which should be worked out by either yourself or the sender before ordering).

Buyers should note that when sending small express packages that weigh less than 2kg, custom duty may not be charged, depending on the contents of your CNE Express parcel.

Does CNE Express offer insurance on parcels?

CNE Express guarantees the safety of your package and takes full responsibility for any loss or breakage during shipping. This feature makes for a more reliable service, adding to its popularity as the go-to parcel forwarding company for eCommerce sellers and customers alike.

How can I contact CNE Express customer care?

If you have any queries related to your package being shipped by CNE Express, you can contact them directly by calling their CNE express customer care number below:

  • The national service hotline is the following: +86 400 021 5600.
  • You can also contact them with the following number: +86 021-51096677.

You can also contact CNE Express by email and send them a message at:


Otherwise, you can check the CNE Express package delivery FAQ section on the website. Remember, before calling CNE Express check on the Ship24 website to get the latest tracking information on your CNE Express package. That way, when it comes to a few questions that CNE Express may ask you about your parcel's current location and status, you will be able to provide them any information they may need regarding it. Furthermore, tracking CNE Express packages with Ship24 may also allow you to know why a parcel may be having issues, such as if the parcel should be blocked at customs for one reason or another (unpaid import tax due or if it contains a prohibited item).

Do CNE Express parcels get handled by other couriers when sent internationally?

CNE Express shipping is a logistics company that mainly handles parcels sent from China during the first part - or first leg - of their journey. This means that they are part of an international network of parcel delivery providers. They could handle a parcel in China, from pick up, dispatch, and drop off at the relevant transportation/parcel forwarding center, for another carrier, such as Aramex, FedEx, and PostNL to pick it up at the destination country airport and complete the delivery within the destination country.

This is necessary for CNE Express to do as it gives them the ability to offer international delivery options, even though they themselves are not involved in the end-to-end handling of a parcel.

Many logistics companies do this, and it is usually a safe and reliable international delivery method. It is especially trusted now due to third-party tracking services offered by Ship24, which give users the ability to track a CNE Express parcel globally, due to the fact they track all of the multiple carriers used by CNE Express within their delivery network.

If you are experiencing difficulty tracking a CNE Express package or are inconvenienced by having to change tracking websites, Ship24 is the best solution. Not only does it offer the ultimate, easy to use tracking service, but it tracks thousands of carriers simultaneously so you don't need to consider who has your parcel or how to track it, just enter the tracking number in the Ship24 website and its clever, AI-powered core system will work out all the variables and scan all the relevant sites to find and delivery CNE Express tracking information to you immediately.

Ship24 excels as a universal tracking tool, making sure your CNE Express tracking doesn't end when an e-Commerce order leaves China or handling is taken over by another carrier. Join the millions using Ship24 as their one-stop shop for end-to-end package tracking now.

Where can I access free universal CNE Express shipment tracking?

Tracking a CNE Express parcel with Ship24 makes this easy because of the number of carriers, logistics companies, and online marketplaces it is constantly tracking around the clock. For Ship24 users, this means they know they will get the latest information on CNE Express parcel updates as soon as they are available, whether they are still being handled by CNE Express or another carrier along the way.

Once you receive your CNE Express package tracking number (which is after CNE Express receives the parcel and has assigned it a unique CNE Express tracking code), the only place you'll need to use it is Ship24 to get all the tracking information you need, globally.

The many benefits of switching your CNE Express shipment tracking to Ship24 include

  • The ability to have all your tracking in one place: This is especially important if you shop or own shops on various online marketplaces and want the capability of tracking with different logistics companies who handle those shipments. With Ship24, you can track up to 10 different couriers simultaneously, all in one search!
  • The stress-free experience of free automatic courier detection: Even if all of your parcels are handled by CNE Express originally, they may be carried by other carriers when they have been forwarded on. In order to keep track of these parcels, utilize the Ship24 system, which finds and follows your parcel no matter who it is with.
  • Courier subcontracting: CNE Express can either pass on deliveries to other parcel delivery companies or subcontract them, with tracking not always guaranteed through this process. With Ship24, continue tracking your parcel universally without having to re-enter your tracking number into a new website. Don't know who the new carrier is handling your CNE Express package? No worries! Ship24 will find all registered mail in one search. Head to the website today with just your CNE Express tracking number and experience yourself why millions of customers and e-tailers are using Ship24 for the ultimate post-purchase parcel tracking experience.

Does CNE Express offer global tracking?

CNE Express is a logistics partner which means that they do offer limited tracking on their website but it may not guarantee universal end-to-end capability. Third-party tracking tools can help you effectively track a CNE Express end-to-end. You don't need to download anything to your computer, enter personal information or tell Ship24 about the package, just enter the CNE Express tracking number into the Ship24 search bar and get the latest CNE Express tracking info at your fingertips, worldwide!

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