China EMS (ePacket)

China EMS package delivery tracking

China EMS ePacket is a method of package delivery, designed and utilized by a large number of e-commerce China and Hong Kong sellers. It is done in order to make cross border deliveries of small and light weight items possible at an affordable price via air transportation. Since a large number of businesses are moving online with an aim to trade globally, ePacket shipping method have made the purchase of product from China easier for the worldwide consumers.

China EMS tracking solution and delivery time

Where consumers worldwide (range up to 35 regions) place their order with either a Chinese or Hong Kong merchant, receiving via ePacket delivery offers customer option for tracking without paying any extra cost. This means that the consumers can easily look for their parcel on the official websites including China EMS. Where a mail remains undelivered, one cannot track the package delivery. In such a case, the vendor would have no issue in returning the amount paid for the parcel.

With regards to the delivery time China EMS ePacket takes, it entirely depends on the destination of the package, i.e. where the package would be delivered. Other matters that are considered or kept in mind includes the holidays that comes in between and the customs as everything varies. Comparatively to various other shipping options available within China and Hong Kong, making use of ePacket shipping is referred to as a more consistent, yet reliable option. When a shipment is booked for US, it may take 10-20 working days while for the other countries the time of delivery may exceed. The core reason becomes the fact that the parcel takes almost half of the time in reaching the destination while the other half is normally spent in routing towards the proper facilities.

What does dispatch from sorting center means for a EMS shipment from China?

When the status of the ePacket delivery shows that it is being dispatched from the sorting center, it clearly means that the product would be delivered to any sorting center where the security check would be performed and then be delivered to your desired destination. Upon tracking the order, it can be understood that the company ensure its maintained reputation prior to having it delivered to the end customer. In case your parcel is mixed with the bigger parcels and the sorting center finds out, it would be returned back to the postal office. One another reason behind could be the sensitive nature of the item or product that again requires a security check prior to being delivered to the desired destination.

How can I track a package or ePacket from EMS China

As the majority of customers chooses EMS China for the shipping of their goods, they can track their ePacket delivery in numerous ways. One of the ways is to use the search bar on ship24 or to utilize the courier official website, depending on where shipment is in progress.

Concerning the China EMS package tracking, it is sometimes unbelievingly fast while at the other times way too slow. Until the delivery takes place, the parcels can have different statuses.

Concerning the main package tracking statuses, packages are in distinctive statuses such as;

  • Posting
  • Dispatch from sorting center
  • Arrival at sorting center
  • Arrival at delivery office
  • Delivery

Note: If you are unable to track your order from the official website, you can track it online with Ship24 package tracking solution.

China EMS Tracking number

China EMS is a part of China Postal Express and Logistic Co. Ltd in China. It is a designated universal postal service provider, believes in supporting businesses, customers as well as communities across the globe. With regards to the tracking numbers, it may vary from express shipment to logistic shipment. EMS shipment ID for both type of products comprises of 13 numbers that also includes 2 alphabetic letters as prefix such as;

  • #****37CN or,
  • #****40CN.

The other way of tracking your ePacket include phone tracking where customers contact the hotline at 11183 to discover the current status of their shipment or choose to opt counter tracking method. Please note the validity of tracking:

  • Domestic shipment- 1 year
  • International EMS shipment- 4 months
  • Cross-straits express shipment- 3 months
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