CDEK tracking

CDEK tracking

Currently, Cdek shipping has managed to position itself as one of the top five fast delivery companies, thanks to the commitment assumed in each job performed.
Cdek takes very seriously the importance of each order, recognizing that behind each package there is always a story, of a person, a family, or a company that has entrusted something very precious under their responsibility, so they will always ensure that it reaches its destination.

What is Cdek?

Cdek logistic solutions was founded on February 25th, 2000. Since 2002 the company has a fully automated system that allows maintaining greater control over all stages of delivery.
From 2005 they achieved the goal of serving more than 1000 cities in Russia, in 2006 the fast delivery service reached Krasnodar, Perm, Volgograd, Ufa, IrKutsk, Voronezh, Tyumen and Chelyabinsk with the opening of their offices in the mentioned cities.
Its Cdek delivery service offers customers a variety of delivery options to all cities and regions of Russia, even the most remote ones. Heavy freight or small parcels, expedited or express, with the advantage of Cdek express tracking throughout the entire process.
Cdek has also been franchising since 2010, the year in which online payments became possible until today. In 2012 they opened their first international office in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan and since 2014 they have been headquartered in Beijing. Cdek shipping also has subdivisions in Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey, and Thailand.
Cdek does not stop in its efforts to offer its customers a range of services with guaranteed on-time delivery, always evaluating the best way to perfect procedures and logistics, to make the Cdek experience the most successful and safest option for all its customers.
Thanks to services such as the Cdek RU track every Cdek customer will be able to know step-by-step where their shipment is, which among other reasons makes this courier company one of the safest and most reliable.

Is it possible to track a Cdek package?

Cdek Russia tracking is a service available to all Cdek customers, through which they can keep up to date on the progress of their order delivery, reliably and accurately.
All you have to do is go to the Cdek website and click on the track your order tab. Immediately the system will ask you to enter the Cdek tracking number that you will have obtained after contracting the shipping service of your choice.
Another excellent proposal that the company makes available to all its customers to perform the Cdek Russia tracking is through its mobile application, where you simply need to scan the code and install the application.
Each user must bear in mind that only through the Cdek tracking number will it be possible to access the Cdek RU track service, because this is, so to speak, the access code. Therefore, you should always have it at hand every time you want to check the track of your shipment.

How can I recognize a Cdek tracking number?

Your Cdek tracking number will be that order number associated with your order. The system will generate it once you have completed the steps of contracting the service. Remember that only with this number you will be able to track your Cdek RU track.

Does Cdek only deliver within Russia?

This courier company has a Cdek international delivery service to several countries such as Belarus, China, Armenia, Germany, and Akmola Kazakhstan. The service is available not only to make shipments but also to receive Cdek delivery from these countries to Russia.
Cdek international delivery offers two services:

  • International document delivery: For individuals and legal entities up to a maximum of 5 kilograms.
  • International cargo delivery: Delivery of export goods from Russia. Each item transported under the "International Express" service must pass through customs clearance in order to cross the border.

What are Cdek shipping costs?

Cdek logistic solutions, like the vast majority of courier companies, base their costs by evaluating the origin and destination routes, the weight, and the size of the Cdek package.
From the Cdek website each customer has the option to access the Cdek shipping prices, entering the section "calculate the cost" and after filling in the form with the above-mentioned information, you can know the cost on three types of currencies: ruble, dollars, or euros.
Regarding the rates within Russia, we present you some of your options in service:

  • Express delivery of large cargoes: From 100 rubles
  • Super Express: Express delivery to the main cities of Russia, from 100 rubles
  • Economy Express: Economy delivery in Russia starting from 100 rubles.

In each and every option, customers will be provided with a calculator to calculate their particular requirements. They also have access to the option of making their Cdek Russia tracking at any time.

Is Cdek delivery fast?

According to Cdek own website, delivery times are given on working days, excluding the day of receipt of the shipment. The Cdek shipping time will be subject to the contracted service and the destination of your package.
In case you require urgency in the Cdek shipping, you can hire the Blitz Express service that guarantees 24 hours delivery. With the Super Express service, you will have your documents in 1 to 2 days.
The great advantage of Cdek is that it offers its customers the possibility of being kept informed about the progress of the shipment through Cdek express tracking. Regardless of the service contract, you will always know where your package is.
Cdek also offers deliveries on weekends, holidays, and after 06:00 pm on weekdays, to give customers the option of being at home to receive their orders. On these deliveries, you will also be able to perform Cdek express tracking.

Is there a Cdek customer care?

Cdek makes available to all its customers, both private and legal, the following Cdek contact +7 (495) 009-04-05 where they can receive guidance on any particular matter.
From its website, users also have a message bubble available to make any changes related to their order: data such as an address, time and type of delivery, tracking, or asking a question.

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