BH Posta tracking

BH Posta tracking

What is BH Pošta?

BH Pošta is a limited liability company from Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is the main provider of mail and courier services in the country, along with Pošte Srpske and Hrvatska BH Pošta Mostar. Its headquarters are located in Sarajevo, which is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Before BH Pošta creation, the country already had some other postal services. However, the company was founded in the year 1992 after Bosnia's independence of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. BH Pošta is a run-estate company and started to be a member of the UPU in the year of 1993. 
Currently, the company has more than 2500 employees all over the country. Besides, BH Pošta works along with Pošte Srpske and Hrvatska Pošta Mostar in order to cover more distances with better efficiency. They also offer fintech services, finances advice, insurance services, and some others.

What is the difference between BH Pošta, Pošte Srpske and Hrvatska pošta Mostar?

These three companies started to work together in order to cover the whole Bosnian territory with their courier and delivery services. Though, each of them has specific functions inside the organization. Some of these are the labour territorial division, the postal office's distribution, and so on.
Pošte Srpske is a public limited company based in the city of Banja Luka, up there in Bosnia. This company is mostly dedicated to offering delivery and courier services in the territory of the Srpska Republic, but they also regard shipments from all the Bosnian country in general. Pošte Srpske tracking is a free service available for every user of the company.
On the other hand, Hrvatska Pošta Mostar is a public limited company that has its headquarters in the city of Mostar. This company mainly operates in Croatian areas inside Bosnia and Herzegovina. Hrvatska Pošta Mostar has over 125 offices distributed in all the territory, with more than 750 employees.

How do I track my BH Pošta package?

The tracking process is very similar in every single delivery and Courier Company. As usual, BH Pošta provides this service by the official web page and by the mobile app. Those platforms are always enabled so the BH Pošta tracking process is available for consulting 24/7. 
The first step in order to track a package starts with the BH Pošta tracking number. This is a special serial number that is assigned to every single order, which is used in order to collect and label all the specific information of the parcel. The tracking code allows the company to carry with strict control of all the packages, regarding the identity of the client, the travel distance, the type of package, and so on.
For both web page and app, the process is basically the same. The main step is introducing the tracking number on the platform. Then, the customer receives all the mentioned data, in addition to the current status of the package, its location, and estimated arrival time, among many other details.

Does BH Pošta deliver internationally?

BH Pošta is the national delivery company of Bosnia, which means that they are in charge of the whole supervision and administration of local and international deliveries. They have to check the legibility of the parcels, the conditions and features of every package, and some other in order to ensure the quality of the service.
National shipments regard every single city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the Srpske Republic and the Croatian territories inside the country. The Hrvatska pošta Mostar and Pošte Srpske tracking services, work along with BH Pošta in order to guarantee the security of every shipment sent by the company.
On the other hand, the BH Pošta international services cover shipments for every country in the world. They also follow the UPU rules and conditions so the international deliveries can be a trustful way to send and receive packages from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

How long does it take to BH Pošta to deliver?

BH Pošta delivery time is mostly determined by the travel distance and the type of service:

  • For national shipments, the common courier service takes from 24 hours to a maximum period of 3 working days.
  • The EMS can take a maximum of two working days, while the extra urgent service label reduces it to 36-45 hours.
  • International deliveries depend on the country of destination. European orders can reach a maximum period of 15 working days.
  • For overseas deliveries, the top delivery time is 21 days depending on customs regulations and working days, among some other determinant elements.

Is BH Pošta expensive?

BH Posta is not an expensive service. For international deliveries, BH Pošta shipping fees are ruled by the UPU, so the ratio of prices is inside the global common pricing. For more detailed estimations, BH Posta has a shipping calculator on its web page, so the client can introduce the data of the package, the destiny and all the information, in order to get an estimated price.  However, the BH Pošta track and trace service always shows the specific price of the shipment.

How can I contact BH Pošta?

BH Pošta is a company that takes deep care of the customer's attention. Thanks to that, they have a specialized call center that works 24/7 for any client in order to hear their concerns, doubts, complaints, suggestions, and others.
Another BH Pošta contact is the email address of the company. That can be used in order to send formal letters and claims, as well as other important messages. All the contacting information of the company is regarded on the web page.
In addition, the company uses social media so they can reach more people. In there, BH Pošta posts important information about their services, like fees, tariffs, destinations, schedules, and more. As a feature, the BH Pošta social profiles are a quick contacting way in order to solve fast doubts and concerns. For more formal and significant messages, it is recommendable to use other ways.

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