Belposhta tracking

Belposhta tracking

What is Belposhta?

Belposhta is a national company in Belarus that offers and manages all the postal services of the country. Currently, Belposhta is part of the UPU, or better known as the Universal Postal Union. The company became part of this organization in 1947 when it started to modernize its postal services through different means of transport.
Currently, Belposhta is one of the most important companies in the country and is known for providing one of the best postal services in Eastern Europe. For example, in terms of efficiency and reliability, the Belposhta delivery service is one of the best in the whole Eastern European region.
The country's postal history dates back to the year 885 when messages or correspondence reached most areas of the country. Much of the postal service was exclusively for the use of royalty. Messengers were transported on horseback throughout the country, and sometimes messengers had to memorize secret messages from royalty.
The first post and telegraph office in Belarus was established when the country became part of the Russian Empire in 1859. Since 1871, the distribution and delivery of parcels or correspondence by railways have been developed.
In recent times, Belposhta has a wide variety of postal services that it offers to millions of users, both nationally and internationally. Besides, express postal services can be used to make not only deliveries throughout the country, but can also be used by millions of customers worldwide to make postal deliveries internationally. Part of Belposhta international recognition is due to the role it has played in the UPU since its entry in 1947. Since then, the company's relevance in this important postal organization has always been outstanding.

How do I track my Belposhta package?

Users can only track their packages or correspondence if they have access to the Belposhta tracking number, which is made up of 13 alphanumeric characters. This tracking number can only be obtained once all payment procedures have been completed.
Belposhta tracking package service works through a simple virtual tracking system that can be found on the official website. Through this system, users will be able to track and trace their packages in detail, which will even show the estimated delivery times and the different routes used to deliver the packages.
It is also important to mention that the company offers an email notification system where users will be informed of all relevant details about their packages. Finally, all details acquired through the tracking system are displayed and updated every 12 hours. For international deliveries, the details are usually more accurate.
You can also track your Belposhta shipment through Ship24.

Does Belposhta deliver internationally?

As one of the longest-standing members of the Universal Postal Union, Belposhta has an excellent distribution and delivery of parcels and mail network to more than 220 countries around the world. Depending on the situation, Belposhta can even deliver to countries in highly complex social and political situations, such as Syria.
Among the international postal services offered by Belposhta, we can mention the following:

  • Letter mailings
  • Parcel mailings
  • Money orders
  • Express mail service, or better known as EMS.

In addition, we can mention that Belposhta shipping packages can only be made if users comply with certain shipping parameters. For international shipments and deliveries, the maximum weight of the packages will depend on the customs regulations of each destination country. Finally, it is important to note that users will be able to use postal insurance services, to protect the value of the packages.

How long does it take to Belposhta to deliver?

Belposhta delivery times for packages or postal correspondence may vary due to different factors. The type of postal service used, the country of destination, and the means of parcel delivery transport can all affect delivery times. For domestic deliveries, the carrier can distribute and deliver parcels within 1 to 3 business days, in any area or region of the country.
For international deliveries to countries in the European continent, delivery time is approximately one week. For example, to deliver packages to the United Kingdom, it usually takes approximately 8 days. For international parcel shipments and deliveries to countries on other continents, the delivery time is longer. For example, for delivery of parcels or postal correspondence in the United States, the delivery time is approximately 17 working days.

Is Belposhta expensive?

Throughout the Eastern European region, Belposhta offers postal services at very competitive market prices. The company can offer a wide variety of prices for the use of all its postal services:
For deliveries in the country
The average price is 3 dollars. This price may vary in terms of weight, dimensions of the package, and the type of service requested by the customer.
For international deliveries
The approximate price is 30 dollars. Similarly, the price may vary due to several factors. The weight, the dimensions of the package, the type of service requested by the user, the type of transport to make the delivery, and the type of company to deliver the package in the country of destination (DHL, FedEx, or UPS).
All these factors can make the delivery prices change. Finally, it is very important to mention that the payment of Belposhta shipping fees may vary due to the customs laws of each country where you want to send a package or postal correspondence.

How can I contact Belposhta?

All details of Belposhta contact can be found on the official company website. Users will have the opportunity to access Belposhta different phone and fax numbers. They will also be able to contact the customer service department through the company's official emails.
The website also provides a list of the main post offices that are distributed in the country. In these offices, the users will not only be able to make claims, suggestions, or postal queries but also use the Belposhta tracking service for each type of package, letter, money order, or postal document. Both at the national and international level, users will have the opportunity to obtain any kind of important information about their packages or correspondence.

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