Bahrain Post tracking

Bahrain Post tracking

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What is Bahrain Post?

Bahrain Post is a government organization that operates in Bahrain. This is the company in charge of the delivery and courier services inside the country. Bahrain Post is part of the Department of Land Transport and Postal Affairs of the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications. In the year of 1973, this company started to be a full member of the Universal Postal Union. 
This organization was founded in 1884, establishing the first postal office in Bahrain in Manama, the capital city of the country. During the twentieth century, Bahrain Post expanded its services by opening new offices around the whole national territory. After the independence of Bahrain from the British Crown, the country started to be a member of the UPU and the Arab Post Union. 
Nowadays, Bahrain Post has a branch network of 17 offices located in different cities of the country. The company provides other services such as renewal of passports and driver's licenses, bill payment, and vehicle registration. The Bahrain Post office working hours may vary according to the city. However, the estimated working hours go from 7 am to 11 pm.

Bahrain Post package tracking

How can I track my Bahrain Post package?

Tracking a Bahrain Post parcel is a very simple procedure that starts when the client drops the package to be delivered at one of the Bahrain Post offices. 
In there, the workers establish a serial code for every package, which is the official Bahrain Post office tracking number. In this way, Bahrain Post is able to keep a record of every single parcel that the company ships.
Hence, the client is provided with the tracking number. Before shipping the parcel, Bahrain Post registers all the information about the package: identification of the customer, destination address, weight and size of the parcel, estimated delivery time, and the final price, among some others.
In addition to the previously mentioned information, the tracking number includes the GPS data of the vehicle of transportation. Whether a car or an airplane, the tracking number will always provide a real-time location.
The clients can use the Bahrain Post office parcel tracking system by directly going to the post office or it can be carried out by the customer using the company’s official web page. There, the client has to type the tracking code so he will receive all the information about the current status order.

Does Bahrain Post deliver internationally?

Bahrain Post is the result of the necessity of people from Bahrain to have a proper delivery system that could be able to cover all the national territory. In the beginning, Bahrain Post started as a humble post office that was in charge of managing all the national packages and shipments. 
As the years went by, the company started to grow up by incorporating new options of services and expanding the existing ones. Particularly, when Bahrain Post started to open new offices, the quality of service arose, increasing the popularity of the company.
The main delivery system is the National Bahrain Post shipping service that, as its name states, covers all the distances and cities inside the national territory. Of course, there are some different options for services and emergencies.
The international expansion is regulated by both Universal Postal Union and Bahrain National government. This way, both organisms stipulate rules and conditions to improve the service and the response time of the company for international deliveries. This outlander service is able for shipping to any single country in the world.

How long does it take to Bahrain Post to deliver?

As usual, the delivery time stipulations are the result of a whole calculation of the shipping company. This process is based on many different factors of the parcel, which include the weight, the size, the travel distance, and the urgency of the order. That last element is what determines the type of service required, if it is standard class, EMS, or extra urgent class.
Though, the Bahrain Post delivery time is well known for being short and quicker than other delivery companies operating in Bahrain. Bahrain Post has excellent transportation systems that ensure the entire security and integrity of the package, in addition to fast response time.
National deliveries are very fast. The maximum waiting period of Bahrain Post is 3 working days, but it is most likely to take less time. In fact, the EMS choice can result in same-day delivery, the same as the other extra urgent services.
On the other hand, international shipping commonly depends on the customs authorities, and the traveling distance. However, international shipping has a top waiting time of 21 working days. In addition, the Bahrain Post international tracking system can provide an estimated arrival time, which is meant to inform the customer about the status of the order.

Are Bahrain Post prices cheap?

With cost, estimations happen the same as with delivery time calculations. The elements within the order are the ones that determine the final cost. Anyhow, price estimations can vary in relation to the final shipping fee.
National deliveries are the cheapest ones. Those are mainly calculated after taking into account the travel distance and the weight of the package. A common national delivery can go from $0.53 up to $22.29 or the equivalent in local currency.
For outlander shipping, the costs divide into continental and overseas deliveries. The maximum price for international delivery can exceed $100 based on weight and distance estimations.

How can I contact Bahrain Post?

Bahrain Post has many different ways of communicating that are open to receive all the messages coming from users. The customer care service of Bahrain Post is one of the most sophisticated and effective client attention services in the world. 
The company has a Bahrain Post contact number that redirects the call to the Bahrain post-Call Center that works 24/7 to attend customers. Besides, the web page provides various email addresses in order to receive formal letters and statements. The quickest way to contact them is by using the hotline, but however, the email way is also very efficient.

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