Bahamas Post tracking

Bahamas Post tracking

Bahamas Postal service has a long history of offering the best postal services to all the people of the islands. It is currently adding all its efforts to optimize its response capacity in the field of communication, by maintaining the connection of its millions of customers with the rest of the world by giving them continuous access to carry out their Bahamas Post tracking.

Since when does the Bahamas Postal service exist?

The Bahamas Postal service has a long history dating back specifically to the year 1788, although there are references that the postal service in The Bahamas existed long before that, from a registry dating back to 1761.
However, it was sometime later when the first stamp was created incorporating the design of the "inter-island currency", showing the head of Queen Victoria, the pineapple, and the snail. Since then, many beautiful designs have been created and six new commemorative stamps are issued each year.
Today, the Bahamas Postal service has 10 post offices located throughout New Providence, making available to the users 24,750 private mailboxes. Thanks to this, an efficient Bahamas Postal service is available on all the islands.
Through its services, it responds with diligence and commitment to the new challenges of communication in this digital era, in which electronic commerce has become so important and more and better means of logistical response are demanded.
At Bahamas Post, the goal is to meet the needs of all its customers through the timely and efficient collection and transmission of the various postal products.

How do I track a package sent with Bahamas Post?

The Bahamas Postal service offers different solutions to its customers among which are mentioned below:

  • Express Air Mail
  • Fax service
  • General Delivery
  • Mass Mailing Service
  • Express mail, among many others.

In the particular case of express mail for example, which is similar to the use of private couriers, the items will be marked by internationally recognized orange and blue bands and stripes.
This category usually receives priority attention and handling. It can be accessed by both residents and non-residents for delivery of their Bahamas Post parcel via EMS.
Items are hand-delivered and offer the options of Bahamas Post tracking by using the 13-digits Bahamas Post tracking number provided on each EMS item.
In case the customer for some reason does not know his Bahamas Post tracking number, he is invited to obtain it from the sender. In any case, each user must remember that it is thanks to the domain of the Bahamas Post tracking number; that he will be able to keep up to date with the information concerning the progress of the Bahamas Post parcel delivery.
Regarding the other options offered to track your Bahamas Post package, we invite users to enter the Bahamas Post page through the following link where they will be able to access detailed information related to each of its postal services.

Does the Bahamas Post deliver worldwide?

The Bahamas Post parcel delivery service is carried out in most countries of the world. Thanks to Bahamas Post international shipping, citizens of the Bahamas can send their Bahamas Post parcels to distant destinations, and receive their packages from any country, regardless of the distance between them.
Throughout the process, clients will have the opportunity to stay active with the Bahamas Post Tracking, which they can access with their Bahamas Post tracking number, the access key to track your Bahamas Post package.

How long does it take to the Bahamas Post to deliver a parcel?

For national and international destinations, there are different Bahamas Post delivery times. These times will also depend on the time when you send your package and the office in front of which the request was made. In that sense we have that for the Bahamas Post international shipping, for example:

  • Published at the General Post Office before 10:00 am to South Florida, the USA, the Bahamas Post delivery time will take from 2 to 3 days, while the service published from the Sub Office the Bahamas Post delivery time will vary when carried out from 3 to 4 days.

Another example is the following:

  • Posted at the General Post Office before 10:00 am to Asia, a Bahamas Post parcel delivery will take 5 to 10 days while if posted from the Sub Office, the Bahamas Post shipping time will take between 7 to 10 days. This does not include the delay that may arise due to customs procedures in each country.

To know in detail the times of Bahamas Post parcel delivery, we invite you to visit their website, to obtain information related to Bahamas Post delivery time for national and international destinations.

Is the shipping delivery expensive with Bahamas Post?

The Bahamas Post shipping fees are subject to the destination to which you are going to send your Bahamas Post parcel, and it is important that you take into account that your size and weight will influence this.
For this reason, we will show you some Bahamas Post prices related to the international mail service:

Bulk Mail: With a minimum of 100 pieces for distribution

  • 15 cents $ for each copy processed for 100 pieces
  • 12 cents $ per copy processed from 100 to 5000 pieces
  • 10 cents for processing more than 5000 pieces

Payment must be made in cash or certified check addressed to Post Master General.
International Mail Service EMS: Bahamas Post shipping fees will vary depending on the destination country:

  • Australia-Sydney $20
  • Belize $16.50
  • Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo $19
  • Greece-Athens $20
  • Hong Kong $20
  • China $20
  • India $20
  • Puerto Rico $19
  • Rome - Italy 20$

It is important to clarify that these fees are stipulated on the first pound.

How can I reach the Bahamas Post customer service?

In case you need to contact the Bahamas Post customer care you can use the customer service application provided on its official website, send an email to the following address or call through the Bahamas Post contact number 2423224151. 
It will be very valuable to you in case you want to solve any problem related to Bahamas Post tracking.

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