Australia Post International Tracking

Australia Post International Tracking

How can I track my Australia Post package internationally?

When you purchase an item that includes Australia Post International tracking or you take an item to an Australia Post office and purchase international tracking then you will receive a tracking number, this can normally be found on your sales receipt or a confirmation email sent to you. These are normally 13 digits long and contain a combination of letters and numbers, for example, they will always start with 2 letters followed by 9 numerical digits and end in an AU, here is one example JD 123456789 AU. Once you have this number you will be able to go to Australia Post and input it into the tracker to find out where your parcel is, using the Australia Post tracker you may find that the information is not always 100% up to date and you will have to do some more chasing on your side to determine where your parcel may be, to avoid this you can use Ship24s free to use "multi-track" system, here you can input up to 10 different tracking numbers no matter how many different couriers are being used or how many countries they might be passing through, one added benefit of using Ship24s system is that you will have "real-time" information to hand about where your parcel is and who is in control of it, for example, if it is held up by a customs department somewhere in the world, you will find that the system will be updated accordingly and you will even have the contact information relating to who has your package, with the time it was seen. You may see that on the tracking search it has multiple updates from the same courier in the same place for example if a package is at a sorting house then you may see 5 different "sorting house" updates at various times, this is normal it just means that your parcel may have been given to a different part of the sorting office to make its way to the truck to transport to you. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Where is Australia Post based?

Australia Post is based in Melbourne on Bourke Street which also acts as one of the Post offices, it originally started as the Australian Postal Corporation and I wholly owned by the Australian government, it is the successor of the Postmaster-generals department which was founded in 1901 when Australia was created, in 1975 the department was dissolved and the postal functions were taken over by the Australian Postal Commission. The current name and structure was created in 1989 as part of corporatization. As of 2020, they had 4,330 outlets across Australia boasting over 35,000 employees and a revenue per annum of 7.5 billion (Gross).

How long does it take Australia post to deliver?

This will depend on exactly what parcel you may have and what delivery option you have chosen the quickest method of delivery is couriered parcels and letters, these usually have a delivery time of 2-3 days depending on where the destination address is. The countries that qualify for this service are as follows: Canada (2-4 business days), China (3-10 business days), France (2-3 business days), Germany (2-3 business days), Grenada (2-4 business days), Hong Kong (2-3 business days), India (5-7 business days), Indonesia (2-3 business days), Ireland (2-3 business days), Italy (2-3 business days), Japan (2-3 business days), Malaysia (2-3 business days), Netherlands (2-3 business days), New Zealand (2-3 business days), Philippines (2-6 business days), Singapore (2-3 business days), South Korea (2-3 business days), Sri Lanka (2-4 business days), Switzerland (2-3 business days), Taiwan (2-3 business days), Thailand (2-3 business days), United Kingdom (2-3 business days), United Arab Emirates (2-3 business days), United States of America (2-4 business days), Vietnam (2-3 business days). Items sent may take longer if they are held up by Australian and overseas customs authorities, if someone sends an item from South Australia, Tasmania or the Northern Territory, you would factor in an extra 3 business days for express items and 7 business days for standard and economy items. Secondly, to Courier parcels you can send via "International Express" this is ideal for sending urgent parcels, letters and documents, normally this method of delivery should take between 8-18 business days but don't forget overseas disruptions mean that your deliveries may take slightly longer than normal with some countries not even accepting any deliveries due to the COVID-19 restrictions, you can send up to 20kg of parcels and 500g letter and documents, included with this service is tracking and "sign on delivery". It also comes with insurance cover up to 100$ if you would like to purchase the additional insurance it covers up to $5,000 and the prices start from $28.50 for letters and documents and $30.20 for parcels. If you are looking for a cheaper option then you can send internationally via "Standard" postage this is for non-urgent parcels, this can take from 9-25 days to deliver but of course, comes with a tracking number, so you can search for free on Ship24 and be informed all the way to the destination of the package. Even though it is a more budget option you can still add optional extras like "Signature on Delivery" and "Extra cover" prices start from $15.20. By far if you are on a budget then International Economy Air is ideal for you, this is for non-urgent letters and documents you can send up to 500g in letters and 2kg in parcels, beware that this service will take 25+ days to get to its destination and in some cases months depending on the current climate and what is happening in the world, for example, if Covid-19 has a spike in numbers then some countries may close borders or make it increasingly difficult to get through customs and be held in quarantine. Prices on this method start at $2.50 for letters and documents and $8.90 for parcels.

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