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Thailand Post

Founded in 1883 and part of the communications authority of Thailand since 2003, Thailand Post is a state company providing postal services in Thailand. Headquartered in Bangkok, the capital of the country, Thailand Post has more than 1.300 post offices throughout Thailand and more than 24.000 employees.
Track your package from Thailand Post

Hong Kong Post

Hong Kong Post is a Chinese postal service created in 1841 and providing customers to send their parcels worldwide. Originally known under the name “Post Office”, Hong Kong Post covers today over 220 countries and regions. The company offers services including 2 tracking options: “with tracking” and “without tracking”.
Track your package from Hong Kong Post

Cambodia Post

Headquartered in the capital Phnom Penh city, Cambodia Post is the official postal service of Cambodia. The company ships parcels and letters domestically but also internationally. Cambodia Post proposes different kinds of services such as money transfer, collecting, transporting and many others.
Track your package from Cambodia Post

Japan Post

Founded in 2007, Japan Post is a Japanese post headquartered in Tokyo. The company also proposes logistics and courier services and is part of the Japan Post Holdings group. Japan Post does national but also international deliveries proposing different types of deliveries like express mail, registered mail and others.
Track your package from Japan Post

SF Express

SF Express is a Chinese delivery services company created in 1993. Based in Shenzhen, the 2nd largest courier of China originally provided an express delivery service between Hong Kong and Guangdong before offering a domestic and international express delivery service to its customers today.
Track your package from SF Express

India Post

India Post, officially known under the name DoP, Department of Posts, is the national postal system of India founded in 1854. India Post is the most widely distributed postal system in the world and also one the postal companies with the largest postal network in the world with its 155,015 post offices.
Track your package from India Post

Singapore Post

Singapore Post, sometimes called SingPost, is a company providing domestic postal services in Singapore and international postal services in other countries. Created in 1819, Singapore Post also provides today logistics services in the country and owns 57 post offices around the island.
Track your package from Singapore Post

New Zealand Post

Founded in 1987, New Zealand Post is the official postal service of New Zealand. Headquartered in Wellington, NZ Post is a state-owned company that provides parcels and mail delivery in New Zealand and different countries around the world. It is the most important postal company in New Zealand.
Track your package from New Zealand Post

Pos Indonesia

Created in 1995, Pos Indonesia is the official postal service of Indonesia. It is a state-owned company that operates in 11 divisions in the country and that has more than 3.500 post offices on the territory. The postal service mainly delivers in Indonesia but also does international deliveries through partnerships.
Track your package from Pos Indonesia

Australia Post

Australia Post is a company providing postal services in Australia since 1975. Known before under the name “Postmaster-General’s Department”, the current name of the company changed in 1989. Today, Australia Post offers its customer postal, retail, financial and even travel services.
Track your package from Australia Post

Korea Post

Created in 2000, Korea Post is the official postal service of South Korea. Headquartered in Sejong City, the company proposes different kinds of services such as postal services, insurance services or again postal banking. Today Korea Post has over 3600 offices in the country and also delivers internationally.
Track your package from Korea Post

Clevy Links

Clevy Links is a courier created in 2009 and based in Shenzhen. It’s an operator of self-designed logistics and of parcel delivery solutions made for B2C cross-border e-commerce. Clevy Links is already present in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Caucasia, Russia, Central Asia, expanding to new areas at a fast pace.
Track your package from Clevy Links


KazPost is the official postal operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company has been offering its services since 1883 to the country. In 1992, KazPost became a member of the Universal Postal Union and offers today logistics services to many shops and e-commerce websites around the world.
Track your package from KazPost

Uzbekistan Pochtasi

Uzbekiston Pochtasi or Uzbekistan Post in English is the postal service of Uzbekistan. Established in 1992, the goal of the company is to give high quality service thanks to an ongoing modernization process in the country, to react to the customer’s demand that grows everyday in Uzbekistan.
Track your package from Uzbekistan Pochtasi


The Philippine Postal Corporation, also called PHLPost is the official postal service present in the Philippines. Created in 1837, the company provides delivery services in the Philippines principally and also internationally. PHLPost proposes different shipping options to deliver packages.
Track your package from PHLPost

Sri Lanka Post

Officially created in 1882, Sri Lanka Post is the postal service in charge of mail and parcel deliveries in Sri Lanka. The company is headquartered in the capital city of the country, Colombo and employs more than 20.000 employees. Sri Lanka Post has today more than 4.500 post offices across Sri Lanka.
Track your package from Sri Lanka Post


Established in 1884, Myanma Post, also officially called Myanma Posts and Telecommunications is a state-owned company responsible for the postal service and parcel deliveries in Myanmar. Today, Myanma Post is headquartered in Naypyidaw and has almost 1.300 post offices around the country.
Track your package from MPT

Pos Malaysia

Pos Malaysia is the postal service of Malaysia founded in early 1800. It is today one of the biggest companies in the country and it provides different services such as standard mail, express mail, retail, international mail, logistics and e-commerce. Pos Malaysia has more than 926 branches around the country.
Track your package from Pos Malaysia

Nepal Post

Officially existing since 1878, Nepal Post is the postal service of Nepal. Also known under the name Nepal Government Postal Services Department, The company has been a member of the Universal Postal Union since 1956 and works in partnership with EMS to deliver parcels internationally.
Track your package from Nepal Post

Chunghwa Post

Founded in 1878 and restructured in 2003, Chunghwa Post is the official postal service of Taiwan. The company can deliver registered mail, express mail, parcels or again standard letters throughout the country with its 23 large offices and 1300 small post offices on the territory.
Track your package from Chunghwa Post

Pakistan Post

Founded in 1947, Pakistan Post is a state-owned enterprise in charge of the postal service in Pakistan. The company has more than 13.000 offices throughout the country and provides different types of services such as mail delivery or again logistics services. The company delivers internationally through partnerships.
Track your package from Pakistan Post

Bangladesh Post Office

Also known under the name Bangla Post or again BDPost, Bangladesh Post is the official postal service of Bangladesh. The company makes deliveries within the country but also internationally with the help of different courier partners such as FedEx, DHL or again UPS.
Track your package from Bangladesh Post Office

Vietnam Post

Founded in 2005, VNPT (Vietnam Post and Telecommunications), commonly called Vietnam Post, is a company delivering parcels and letters throughout Vietnam. The company proposes different types of services: pickup of packages, packages materials, different delivery services and many others.
Track your package from Vietnam Post

Post PNG

Post PNG is the company in charge of the postal service in Papua New Guinea since 1996. Post PNG is a member of the Universal Postal Union and delivers nationally and internationally. The company has today 40 postal offices throughout Papua New Guinea with 350 employees working for it.
Track your package from Post PNG
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