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Canada Post

Canada Post, also known as “Royal Mail Canada” before 1960, is the primary postal operator within Canada. In 1981, the crown corporation that provides the service of today was created after abolishing the Post Office Department. In 2000, e-post appeared, allowing its customers to receive their bill online.
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USPS, the official postal service in the USA. FedEx and UPS immediately compete with USPS Express Mail and package delivery couriers, doing nationwide deliveries of urgent letters and packages. Due to the USPS monopoly, other couriers in the USA are not allowed to deliver non-urgent letters and cannot ship to U.S. Mail boxes at residential and other business locations. Even so, the two competitors have transit agreements with the USPS in which an item can be dropped off with both FedEx or UPS who will then be in charge of the shipment to the final destination in which it will be transferred for delivery to the U.S. Mail location, which includes Post Office Box destinations. These couriers also provide packages delivery which are bigger and heavier than USPS will accept. DHL Express was the 3rd main USPS competitor right up until 2009, when the company decided to stop domestic delivery operations in the United States.
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Correos de México

Correos de Mexico, also known under the name Sepomex is the official postal service of Mexico. It is one of the biggest companies in the country which has managed to become also one of the biggest courier companies by creating Mexpost for its international deliveries and to compete with UPS, Fedex and other couriers.
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Correo Argentino

Correo Argentino is a state-owned company in charge of the postal delivery in Argentina. Also known under the name Correo Oficial de la República Argentina Sociedad Anonima, Correo Argentino delivers internationally thanks to partnerships with big courier companies such as DHL, UPS or again FedEx.
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4-72 is the largest postal service company of Colombia. The name of the company refers to the geographical location of Colombia (4 degrees North longitude and 72 West). Founded in 2006, the state-owned company delivers in its own country but also internationally, mainly in South America.
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Serpost is the official postal service of Peru. The company delivers letters and parcels in Peru but also in the United-States and other countries of the world. To deliver internationally, Serpost uses partnership with other courier companies and owns 662 courier service centers.
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Founded in 1978, Ipostel, officially named Instituto Postal Telegrafico is a public organization in Venezuela, in charge of the postal service in the country. The company proposes different types of services such as express mail service, logistic service, telegraphic services or again postal printing.
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Correos de Chile

Created in 1981, Correos de Chile is a state-owned company headquartered in Santiago in charge of the postal service in Chile. The company provides different kinds of services such as mailing, postal box services, money transfers and many others in addition to national and international courier services.
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Founded in 1663, Correios is a state-owned company operating the postal service in Brazil. Correios is also known under the official name Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Corporation in english), abbreviated ECT. Today, the company is the largest employer in Brazil.
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Congolese Posts

SCPT ( Société Congolaise des Post et Télécommunications) is the official postal service present in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Owned and financed by the government, SCPT was created in July 2001 and is also called SOPECO. SCPT has 8 post offices in major cities of the country.
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Correos del Ecuador

Correos del Ecuador is an old postal service existing since 1831 and in charge of the deliveries in Ecuador principally. The company is headquartered in the capital, Quito, and has over 320 branches spread over the 24 provinces of the country. Correos del Ecuador works with 192 countries members of the UPU.
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Correos de Cuba

Created in 2013, Correos de Cuba is responsible for the postal service in Cuba. Correos de Cuba has been designated by the Cubano state to be in charge of the universal postal service within the whole country, with accessible prices for the population. Correos de Cuba also delivers in other neighboring countries
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Honducor officially started operations in Honduras in 1993. It is the company responsible for the postal service in Honduras. Funded by the state, Honducor is part today of the Universal Postal Union, an organism founded by the United Nations, and has more than 205 offices throughout the country.
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Correos Bolivia

Correos Bolivia is a company providing postal services in Bolivia and other countries of South America mainly. The company was known before 2018 under the name ECOBOL, before being part of the Bolivian Postal Agency. Today the company has an approximate budget of 50 million Bolivianos.
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Founded in 1985, Inposdom is the official postal service of the Dominican Republic. Also known under the Spanish name Instituto Postal Dominicano, Inposdom offers email services to the inhabitants in addition to postal services. Inposdom also works internationally with other postal institutions.
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