Algérie Poste tracking

Algérie Poste tracking

What is Algerie Poste?

Algerie Poste is one of the largest state-owned and public companies in Algeria. This company is in charge of running the postal service for the whole country. This company is under the control of the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications, Technologies, and Numbers, or better known as MPTTN. 
The MPTTN through Algerie Poste fulfills the function of guaranteeing the entire postal service throughout the national territory. Thanks to the support of the Algerian government, Algerie Poste has benefited millions of users nationally and internationally through the development and technological renewal of the postal services infrastructure.
Algerie Poste contributions go beyond postal services. In fact, at the national level, it has contributed significantly to the development and application of modern digital technologies in order to improve the country’s industrial, technological, and economic sectors.
One of the objectives of Algerie Poste is to establish a stable and solid communication and economic sector, which works with state-of-the-art digital technologies that are deployed throughout the country. For this reason, the company plays a very important role in the economic and financial security of the country. 
But, the work carried out by Algerie Poste in terms of the postal service has been important not only at the national level but also for a large part of the African continent.
Such is the importance of Algerie Poste for the rest of the countries in the region that its contributions represent more than 32% of all postal services in the continent of Africa. For this reason, for years Algerie Poste has been one of the most important members of the UPU, or better known as the Universal Postal Union. 
The commitment of Algerie Poste is to extend its services to the most distant places of the country and to reach any country in the world, but especially, to offer an international service of excellent quality to all the countries of the region. 
With this goal in mind, the company has developed services that are developed in the telecommunications sector and in the financial sector. 
Among the extra services offered by Algerie Poste we can mention the following; the development and implementation of an ATM network, development of electronic payment services and the development and implementation of a payment system through credit cards that work in harmony with the most important banking institutions at the national and international level.

How do I track my Algerie Poste parcel?

Algerie Post Tracking is done through a follow up that is done by email queries and through calls to phone numbers. Currently, the company's official website does not have a digital system to track packages and postal mail. This process can only be done through e-mails, telephone inquiries, or by personally attending the post offices that are distributed in the rural areas and most important cities of the country. 
But, it is important to mention that the Algerie Poste ESM  track package postal service can be done on the website of a company affiliated with Algerie Post. The online platform can be found at the following web address, 
The Algerie Post tracking number can be obtained through a code provided by the company once the shipping procedures have been completed, or through the bar codes assigned to each sent package.

How fast is Algerie Poste?

The company offers the fastest shipping and package delivery services in the region. In fact, Algerie Poste delivery time can be considered not only the best but also the most efficient in the African continent. The delivery is performed in a safe, reliable, fast, and efficient way, guaranteeing users an excellent quality service. 
For countries that belong to the Universal Postal Union (UPU), delivery times are usually between 48 and 72 hours. For other countries outside the continent, packages can arrive in 2 to 3 weeks. 

How much does it cost to send a parcel with Algerie Poste?

The average Algerie Poste shipping price is $39. The weight limit of a package is 25 kilograms, for those users who wish to send large packages, the approximate price is more than 120 dollars. Besides, every time the package exceeds the maximum weight established by the company, users must pay a tax, which can exceed 10 dollars. 
Users must also pay the Algerie Poste shipping fees for international shipments. These fees may vary depending on the country where the package will be delivered. The usual price to pay is 2 dollars. It is important to mention that the official website of Algerie Poste has a variety of price-lists for the different services that the company offers. 

Where does Algerie Post deliver?

The Algerie Post delivery service is available in all countries on the African continent and in the countries belonging to the UPU. Also, Algerie Post can make shipments and deliveries in some countries such as France, United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. The company can also deliver to the 48 capitals that are part of Algeria. So, at the national level, the company can distribute the packages to any rural area or a major city. 
Through a modern system and delivery process, Algerie Post packages are sent quickly, transparently, and securely, no matter what the packages contain inside. In this way, users can be confident in the excellent service offered by Algerie Post.

How can I contact Algerie Post?

The website and the social network accounts offer users the information of the Algerie Poste contact. 
In this information, users can find the main e-mails and phone numbers of Algerie Post, so millions of users can use them to make all their inquiries about their doubts or problems they have with their packages. 
Besides, the company's official website offers a form where users can contact the Algerie Post customer service. Through customer service, users can make claims or solve any problems involving the packages sent. 
It is important to remember that users can also attend any of the offices that are distributed in all the capitals and most important rural areas in the country.

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