4-72 tracking

4-72 tracking

What is 4-72?

4-72 is the largest and most important postal service company in Colombia. It was founded in 2006, after assuming the responsibilities of the company Adpostel, which went into liquidation and ceased to perform functions as the main postal service company in Colombia. It is important to mention that 4-72 is a state-owned company.
The name of the company is inspired by the geographical location of Colombia, that is, 4 degrees North Longitude, 72 degrees West Longitude. The owners of the company decided on this creative name so that the company would be immediately recognized throughout Colombia.
It is important to mention that the creation of 4-72 took place after months of a legal and commercial battle with the company Adpostel. After 20 months of this long process and after having generated more than 10 million dollars, 4-72 finally completely absorbed the company Adpostel. Immediately, this process turned 4-72 into the most important postal service company in Colombia.
For the millions of users who enjoy postal services, this process was presented as a major change. The president of 4-72, believes that this change took place at the right time, as the economic and logistical situations were the best options for a change of this size.
Additionally, the president also emphasized that this business change would bring beneficial consequences for all users since there would be operational, security, control, and training improvements that would make 4-72 by 2025 the largest and most important company in all Latin America, in the postal services sector.
4-72 aims to offer the most reliable and efficient postal and business service in Colombia, satisfying the needs of customers and employees. Besides, the company is committed to entrepreneurial work that benefits the environment, so by 2022, 4-72 expects to be able to ship and deliver nationally and around the world without negatively affecting the environment.
It is also important to mention that 4-72 is the only company in Colombia that offers millions of users the opportunity to send money in a safe, reliable, and transparent way to any national destination and to countries such as the United States, Spain, Peru, Ecuador or Costa Rica.
Likewise, the new brand 4-72, besides offering new services for millions of users, will also develop a new national postal code for all citizens of Colombia, in order to facilitate and hurry the sending and delivery of packages and postal services in Colombia.

How do I track a package from 4-72?

There is a 4-72 tracking system that can be found on the company's official website. Through this package tracking system, users can have all the pertinent information to their packages and postal mail. Once the user finishes all the procedures to send the package, he will be able to access the 4-72 tracking number which is necessary to make the adequate follow up of the shipment.
4-72 tracking is one of the best and most modern in Latin America, besides, this system is the best in the country, you can track your packages and mail in real-time and it has excellent customer service support.

Where does 4-72 ship in the world?

The 4-72 shipping now can only be done in Latin America and some international destinations such as Spain or the U. S. Currently the company is working hard to expand its postal services and make shipments in all continents of the world. Likewise, 4-72 international tracking can be done through the tracking system or through the telephone numbers offered by the company through its official website.
It is important to mention that tracking 4-72 is a service of excellent quality since users can have access to all their shipments information in a detailed way, even users can request this information in all the 4-72 offices that are distributed in all the cities of Colombia.

How long does it take to 4-72 to deliver?

The 4-72 delivery time may vary due to several factors, like the size and weight of the package, the shipping company selected by the user, the destination country where the package will be delivered, the shipping method, among many other factors. But, the average shipping and delivery time is usually between 7 to 21 days.
The approximate time of delivery at a national level is between 2 and 7 days. 4-72 Colombia tracking is a service that offers very precise shipment details since users can track the 4-72 packages in real-time.

What are 4-72 shipping fees?

The 4-72 shipping fees are the prices users must pay when sending or receiving a package coming from another country. Users must pay this type of fee if they wish to send a package to another country, as this process is regulated by the laws of the Colombian government. Depending on the sending country or where the package will be sent, the price of this expense can vary, on average this expense is usually 3 dollars.
The size and weight of the package can also affect the price of this expense. Also, it is important to mention that tracking 4-72 is a service that works regardless of whether the shipments are made by air, sea, or land.

How do I contact 4-72?

The best way to contact 4-72 is through their official website. On the official website, millions of users in Colombia and around the world can access the official emails and phone numbers to contact customer service. Also, the official website has a long list of all 4-72 offices that are distributed in every city of Colombia.
In the offices, users can also use the 4-72 track package and have all the pertinent information about their packages or postal mails. It is also important to mention that 4-72 offers very good quality customer service. The company is concerned about the welfare of millions of users in Colombia and in other countries, for this reason, they offer a guaranteed service to meet all requests and all the problems that users may have with their packages or postal mail.

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